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We should be thankful to god for the life that we have now, check out this best attitude quotes

Attitude Quotes

“your living is determined not so much by what life brings to you as by the attitude you bring to life; not so much by what happens to you as by the way your mind looks at what happens.”-Khalil Gibran

Attitude – a risk philosophy

Attitude can be defined as a tendency to respond positively or negatively towards certain ideas, object, person or a situation. And thus, attitude is a ‘mind game’! It’s all in our head. It’s all about how we take things.

We believe that it is too hard to have positive attitude all the time. No! We are wrong. We may not know how to do that, but attitude is actually completely controllable.

Where values meet, there attitude is. Taking a positive stand isn’t that easy. We should tackle the challenges that would overshadow us emotionally, in terms of difference of opinion, inclination of action and response.

Really? Attitude defers?

Attitude being a conflict between our mind and ego, it defers from person to person, from boys to girls. Everyone sometimes fails to understand each other and every situation especially that are unpleasant.

We are mostly controlled by our ego there. Attitude is a risk philosophy we apply here.

Reaction is not gonna help us, because it is the result of bad attitude. Wait, think and then respond. Attitude! Positive and good! Situations will always demand us to react, and our conscious will always demand us to wait and respond.

When we wanna send an attitude quote, let it be highly motivational. Girls are normally considered vulnerable and weak, and so one could use more strengthening quotes.

Boys are sometimes easily defeated. Tell them if someone is stupid enough to walk away from them, be smart enough to let them go. 

Is it our attitude that determines our attitude?

“It is your attitude, more than your aptitude that will determine your altitude”, said Zig Ziglar years ago.

Attitude determines your character, virtue and morality.

It’s a mental preparation for a better result. While aptitude would mean your external developed skills for a particular profession, attitude underpins your approach towards the same profession.

Though you are extremely talented and if your convictions are weak, you could be a failure.

At the same time you are highly convinced and you lack skills, you still could be a failure. Not your attitude alone determines your altitude but proportionate to it, your aptitude as well.

‘If you don’t like something, change it. If you can’t change it, change your attitude’

Attitude Quotes

Reject your sense of pain, the wound itself will disappear. Ignore the bads, distance away from negative.
attitude quotes 119
Ability shows how far you can reach, motivation lifts you to action, attitude defines how well you did it.
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Stop looking at what you don't have in life, look at what you have and work with it, life will give you more.
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Attitude can be change by your habit, you don’t have to revolve around same orbit
Attitude Quotes 116
Don’t make yourself fall for someone that your attitude forgets all the self respect, because here nobody is perfect.
Attitude Quotes 115
Attitude is not made by birth, it comes when you take birth on this earth
Attitude Quotes 114
Make yourself powerful enough that your attitude becomes your answer, it gives you immense power.
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Your attitude and ego destroys everything, so its better to work upon instead of throwing
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Hurting a person so badly, defines your attitude, Attitude of nature and life and it’s a breaking news.
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Attitudes can be made by just observations, because its upon us and our creations
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Don’t make your attitude so rude, that it destroys all your mind.
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Attitude comes from your upbringing, it cannot be guaranteed by just bringing
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Your attitude defines your worth, it is not made by birth.
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We must never let our attitude, whether good or bad, become our habit.
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A good attitude is something that is underestimated at first, but is respected later.
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We must never advertise our feelings, instead we must showcase our attitude
Attitude quotes 104
A negative attitude may have both positive and negative results but a positive attitude will never have a negative result.
Attitude quotes 103
Your words might influence someone but your attitude is the thing that really affects others
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The most ultimate attitude that is required to be a ruler is a leadership attitude
Attitude quotes 101
It’s the responsibility of every parent to inherit a kind and positive attitude in their children.
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A bad attitude is just like a car without tires, it’s absolutely worthless
Attitude quotes 99
A person can easily change his fortune and future by just changing his attitude.
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Personality and attitude are two different things, so they must never be matched together
Attitude quotes 97
A kind and positive attitude helps us to develop into a better version of ourselves
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Self-determination and positive attitude are two important factors that can make or break someone.
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You must develop the ability to be bold enough to hold your attitude
Attitude quotes 94
A strong and positive attitude is alone enough to build up a successful life
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