Attitude Quotes - Page 2

A kind attitude is always appreciated but a cruel attitude is always depreciated.
Attitude quotes 92
Everybody develops a kind and positive attitude, but only a few can maintain it
Attitude quotes 91
A slight change in attitude is alone enough to change a person’s relationship and life
Attitude quotes 90
An individual’s attitude must only be dependent on his intent of hard work and success
Attitude quotes 89
Our normal attitude should be reserved for everyone but our kindest attitude should only be reserved for the deserving ones
Attitude quotes 88
Our attitude must never be with the intention of hurting someone’s feelings or emotions.
Attitude quotes 87
A weak attitude defines a weak character but a strong attitude defines a strong character
Attitude quotes 86
A real man will never make fun of someone’s attitude, emotion or status
Attitude quotes 85
We must never let our attitude change or shift our focus, rather it must support us to achieve our goal
Attitude quotes 84
A positive attitude and a proper knowledge are the best foundation for real achievement and success.
Attitude quotes 83
A negative attitude is just like cancer, the more it is inside you, the more it will damage you from inside
Attitude quotes 82
A change in attitude is directly related to change in fortune and destiny.
Attitude quotes 81
A positive attitude might not help us to solve a problem but it will give us the confidence to solve the problem.
Attitude quotes 80
Never judge a person on the basis of their attitude, rather judge them on the basis of their actions.
Attitude quotes 79
We must never let our attitude overshadow our actions and emotions.
Attitude quotes 78
Our attitude defines the percentage of success and respect in our life
Attitude quotes 77
A weak character is a result of wrong attitude whereas a positive attitude is everyone’s strength
Attitude quotes 76
Your friend circle is simply a mirror of you, you will love those who reflect the same attitude as yours
Attitude quotes 75
Your friend circle is simply a mirror of you, you will love those who reflect the same attitude as yours
Attitude quotes 75
To correct your attitude first you need to go through all the reason due to which your attitude got built up
Attitude quotes 74
Prepare yourself for an awesome future by building up an awesome attitude.
Attitude quotes 73
Don’t ruin any relation with a bad attitude when love is capable of solving every situation easily.
Attitude quotes 72
Having a good attitude towards everyone is having a respectful lifestyle
Attitude quotes 71
A positive attitude acts like self confidence, if you have it then you have won half of the race already.
Attitude quotes 70
Your happiness is enough for others to build a negative attitude against you but it doesn’t mean you have to stop smiling
Attitude quotes 69
Not everyone who’s quiet has attitude so know them first instead of judging them
Attitude quotes 68
Love is lost in today’s world full of attitude. So just love, don’t be rude
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