Attitude Quotes - Page 4

If our nature is not be comfortable, then energy of your not be strength.
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who always talk about status, they walk in a group of dog.
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If we are late at every place but, when we reach the eyes of girls don't leave me alone.
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Pears is not come side, To get them we have to inside the sea and get it.
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Back always be stronger than chest, because Brave and rejections come at the from the beyond
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Work so hard the people who laugh today, tomorrow the same people clap.
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Whatever is in it, it is never bigger than anyone.
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If there is a desire to do something different, then there is bound to be a rebellion between the heart and the mind.
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You can just break me, I can only open with my key.
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Compass sails a ship in the desired direction so as to attitude to our life.
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We shine by virtue of our attitude that radiates the vibes of our qualities and abilities.
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This is an attitude that converts the skill into excellence.
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You can win someone’s heart if your words are strong enough. Someone can lose everything to you if your attitude is magnetic enough.
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If the attitude is positive, it can encounter all the negatives at the other end to neutralize their effects.
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Attitude is the foundation of your character. It is not apparently visible but the whole skeleton of personality depends on it.
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Your attitude defines the altitude of your success that you aspire to achieve.
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Hard work and perseverance take you to the top Your attitude gives strength to stay there for long.
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Neither good, nor ill Life takes on your attitudes’s will.
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Even a drop feels like rain Even the rain feels like drought Bliss and pain on the same plain For drawing the division attitude is sought.
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Train your mind to see good in every situation. Only goodness will attract you.
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Patience is the key to attain success, sometime you have to go through the worst to attain the best.
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Never forget the ones who helped at your difficult times when everybody else where giving excuses.
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Every situations in life are temporary, when life gives happiness enjoy to the fullest, when life gives bad days, remember this will not last long, better days are coming
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Your attitude matters a lot, because your behavior radiates how you feel. Keep it calm, keep it simple.
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If its not you, then nobody can attain your ambition. It purely lies within you so stop complaining, start accepting, ignore the bads and run towards victory
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Maturity is when you realize self respect is more important than love.
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Your thoughts can shape your vision, You see what you choose to see. Your thoughts determine your direction.
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