Unique, Optimized And Best Quotes About Life

We should be thankful to god for the life that we have now, check out this best quotes about life

Best quotes for life

Life is nothing and nothing is something. 

The Best quote for life will be given below. Live your life to the core. Many people don't have any opportunity to live their life. We should wonder about our creation.

We are more special than other creatures. Love your life, and enjoy each minute. God has assigned us a good job. Don't worry about anything.

If you overthink about anything that leads your life to disaster. Life is a big gift which we gained from God. 

When you feel sad don't think that will prolong.

Don't get struck in the same wave line. Because all are just like smog.

Keep calm in every situation because nothing is permanent. Just this world is like a mirage and we are mere fisherman. 

Try to live with all kinds of people with happiness and peace.

Get lots of experience. Because experience is real property of every human being. It will teach you, it will give you hope, it will make you strong. Experience always molds us. 

Create some limitations for your own sake.

Don't jump beyond that limit.  Love all persons equally. Don't be partial.

When you give good to others, they will give you the bad. If you show mercy upon others, they will show you hatredness.

This is life, but don't get tired by doing good virtues. We should not expect anything from others. Because expectations leads us to hurt. Be bold to face any struggles.

When we get emotional we are the ultimate losers in this world. Don't get too emotional, because the world is waiting to play with your tears.

This world is like a stage and we are like actors. So play your role good. Don't court or blame others for your own reasons. Ready to love all and try to trust few. 

There is a lot of difference between ready and trust. Life is a treasure, so celebrate.

We doesn't know about the future, so ready to live the life now. Don’t judge who is good and who is evil. Because situations made them evil. LIFE IS ACCEPTING THE REALITY.

Feel that you are unique and blessed. Have faith in God. Love others without any expectations.

 Know the purpose of life. Last but not least, whatever happens life has to move on. We cannot change anything. We are like puppets in the hands of our master. Learn the content of life!!

Best Quotes About Life

Nothing in life can trouble you as much as your own thoughts.
Best Quotes About Life 30
Keep smiling because life is a beautiful thing, It always give you reasons to keep smiling.
Best Quotes About Life 29
Admire for the same who works for you, praise is a beautiful gift.
Best Quotes About Life 28
Life is a platform of performance, it's your choice, Break down by problems or come out by struggling.
Best Quotes About Life 27
If you have the quality of smiling in every situation then you can make your life wonderful.
Best Quotes About Life 26
If you get problems in life, think you are able to resolve it, therefore it comes to you.
Best Quotes About Life 25
If you want to do something unique in life, be addicted with hard work, success will be yours.
Best Quotes About Life 24
There should be a companion who can understand us even in silence then life becomes gorgeous.
Best Quotes About Life 23
Learn to decorate who breaks, learn to convince who is upset, Relations are get by luck, just learn to carry on them by heart.
Best Quotes About Life 22
Let's start for a new life, what expectations we had from others, let's have them from own.
Best Quotes About Life 21
Live a true love story and tell no one. Travel and tell no one. Be happy and tell no one. Because people will ruin beautiful things. Be wise in choosing your closed ones.
best quotes about life 5
Inhale the goodness, exhale the bullshit. Take in positivity, leave out negatives. Cherish good memories, erase bad pasts. Learn from experiences, move on with hope. Life will give you all that you want
best quotes about life 20
Never change your orginality for others, because no one can play your role better than you. Be yourself, hold the hope, have the strength.
best quotes about life 19
Cowards never start. Weak never finish. Winners never quit. Be a winner.
best quotes about life 18
All the power is within you, attract your tribe with your vibe. Don't do something for the sake of doing, do something to your best.
best quotes about life 17
Don't judge your day with the harvest you reap, but by the seeds that you plant. Opportunities lies with the person who acquire not by the role designed.
best quotes about life 16
It doesn't get easier, you just get better. Fight for your dreams, nothing can stop you if you have self confidence and determination
best quotes about life 15
You have to get lost before you find yourself. Travel to explore, experience to win.
best quotes about life 14
In the life called book, take the control of words before you write. Think before you talk.
best quotes about life 13
Life is better when you are laughing. Life is as good as your thoughts are. Life is how you see things not the way it appears to be! Look good in everything you go through
best quotes about life 12
Do not give your past the power to define your future. Living in the present is the most best time to create anything you want
best quotes about life 11
Life is not about waiting for the storm to pass but about learning to know how to dance in the rain. Admire every little things about life.
best quotes about life 10
Sometimes standing up for yourself will be the simplest support you can give for your own happiness and success
best quotes about life 9
Try to stay positive in a negative situation, you will win! Be the one to spread happiness around! Be somebody who makes everybody feel like somebody!
best quotes about life 8
Life has a funny way teaching us. It gives deep sadnessto understand what happiness means. It pulls you down to know the worth of being high. Experience everything and accept failures in order to succeed
best quotes about life 7
If you want to fly high, give up everything that weighs you down. All your sacrifices and compramises will worth someday
best quotes about life 6
Never put your happiness in the hands of others, rather put it in your goals, your acheivements, in your passion. Because people can never reward happiness equal to all the things that matter to your dreams
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