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We should be thankful to God for the life that we have now, check out this best gratitude quotes

Gratitude Quotes

Gratitude is the quality of being thankful. Being grateful is something to be very much appreciated.

It's certainly a nice thing to feel grateful for the blessings one has received.

And each of us has a calling to be grateful enough for the good things we have received, both big and small. Short gratitude quotes.

The book Magic by Rhonda Byrne is completely centred on gratitude.

It states a quote from The Bible which says

" Whoever has will be given more; whoever does not have, even what they have will be taken from them."

And here it refers to the gratitude that one has. One who is grateful for what he has, will receive more and one who is unhappy and complaining, even what he has will be taken from him.

Hence the saying 'Be happy with what You have'. Gratitude quotes for God.

Gratitude works in ways unknown to bring more good to us.

When we have a happy state  of mind, feeling grateful for what we have, our positive thoughts attract more blessings and when we are complaining about the universe only works its way to give us more adversities.

How can we show our gratitude to others?

We can show our gratitude from saying a simple heartfelt thanks to doing good things for them in return.

There are infinite things through which one can show his/her gratitude.

It depends on the person. One would buy choicest gifts, one would say a heartfelt thanks and one would sincerely pray for the others goodness.

All these are gestures of being grateful. Gratitude quotes for thanks.

Is showing gratitude important?

Yes of course. It's a sign of appreciation for the good deed by others.

Its very much necessary that we stay grateful to God for giving us a good life, a good family , good health.

He has blessed us in a million ways and for many others this life that we live is a mere dream.

We need to be grateful to people who have helped us in times of need and showing our gratitude is a way of appreciating their help and goodwill. Gratitude quotes on life.

Its apt to state that - "Gratitude is a way of life"

Let's all stay happy and grateful and see our life bestowed with much more blessings.

Gratitude Quotes

Learn to express your gratitude, It makes others feel awesome.
Gratitude Quotes 29
A grateful heart can attract beautiful things.
Gratitude Quotes 28
Be grateful to them who always be ready to help without any selfishness.
Gratitude Quotes 27
Always mix some of gratitude in your attitude and Be thankful for whatever you have.
Gratitude Quotes 26
Gratitude brings great things that can make you feel gorgeous.
Gratitude Quotes 25
If you have gratitude then you have the door to power and wisdom.
Gratitude Quotes 24
When you are grateful you can see the more beauty of everything.
Gratitude Quotes 23
In my life there is so much satisfaction just because of gratitude.
Gratitude Quotes 22
Praise for self is unnecessary because fragrance itself tell which flower is that, be grateful.
Gratitude Quotes 21
Gratitude is the best flower which blooms in the soul.
Gratitude Quotes 20
They asked me to caption my life's motto, I phrased it "Never lose gratitude"
gratitude quotes 19
Grace your life with thankfulness Grace your life with peace You deserve to see blossoms On life's tree that you lease.
gratitude quotes 18
We need courage to be grateful. Never take gratitude to be wasteful.
gratitude quotes 17
A day should start with positivity. A day should start with hope. A day should pass with humility Making Gratitude, the way to cope.
gratitude quotes 16
Being grateful is accepting that everything is not within your power, but you are strong and do not cower.
gratitude quotes 15
When you see no way, And the wind tries to sweep you away, you keep firm and root down, Make gratitude your strength And Float! You will never drown.
gratitude quotes 14
Gratitude is the whole universe itself. A verse that helps evolve oneself.
gratitude quotes 13
Maturity gives birth to gratitude. Gratitude changes one's life attitude.
gratitude quotes 12
Thankfulness and humbleness Empathy and hope, These are few friends to make They will pull you along just like a strong, unbreakable rope.
gratitude quotes 11
The world is a field of alchemy, He can turn your affliction and give you purity In ways you cannot conceive, Just keep gratitude for eternity.
gratitude quotes 10
"GRATITUDE is the biggest human emotions in the universe, as it always helps us to express our thankfulness."
gratitude quotes 9
"When GRATITUDE knocks at our door of life, our life changes forever."
gratitude quotes 8
"I am GRATITUDE that life selects me for an enthusiastic and thrilling journey of the universe."
gratitude quotes 7
"I am GRATITUDE to life that it gives me an wonderful opportunity to see this beautiful and lovely universe."
gratitude quotes 6
Never forget anyone who extended his helping hand in the time of your need. Gratitude is the best gift you can offer anyone in return.
gratitude quotes 5
Gratitude is a drug to try, it can actually make you fly!
gratitude quotes 4
Gratitude can make your relationship stronger.
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