Best, unique and motivational leadership quotes

We should be thankful to god for the life that we have now, check out this best leadership quotes


The  definition of a leader in the Oxford Dictionary is that, a person one who leads a group of people,especially the head of  the country or an organisation. And in Merriam Webster it defines 'the capacity to lead and the act of leading'.

A simple definition of  leadership is the art of motivating a group of people to act towards achieving the common goal. Leadership skills in business involves, 

Establishing the clear vision as well as sharing that vision with others so that they may follow willingly.

Providing the information and strategy to realize that vision.

Coordinating and balancing the conflicting of all members.

A good leader should be able to think and act creatively in difficult situations. To put it  another way, a good leader must encourage his group members to share their ideas and opinions. There are two levels in leadership skills,

LEVEL 1 : Position

LEVEL 2 : Permission( Keyword for these two is relationship)

Fred Smith states that Leadership is getting people to work for you  when they cannot obligated. And John C. Maxwell defines Leadership as people never care how much you know until they know how much you care .And in the permission level, individual 's needs and desires placed on time, energy and focus. 

Types of leaderships :

There are many different types of leadership styles and some of them are Autocratic leadership, Democratic leadership, Laissez- Faire leadership and Carrot and Stick leadership 

In Autocratic leadership style, a leader dictates policies and procedures. He/she directs and controls all the meaningful participation of the subordinates.

Such a leader has a full control of the team. And in Democratic leadership style, individuals should typically considered unequal by the Hierarchal standards and they have shared power in making decisions.

And the third one is that Laissez- Faire leadership style. In this style involves giving complete freedom to sub- ordinates for making decisions and implementing those plans.

Finally,Carrot and stick leadership style. In this style of leadership, People contribute because they will receive the reward for their work.

Important leadership qualities :

1. Honesty and integrity
2. Delegation and Empowerment
3. Creativity and Innovation
4. Decision-making capabilities 
5. Good communicator
6. Empathy                                          

These are the essential qualities of a leader.

To that end, we are going to take a look at the don't do's of a good leader                      

1. Acting tough
2. Insulting people
3. Fearing in taking decisions
4. Praising too easily
5. Getting too excited about anyone idea
6. Feeling sorry for himself or herself

A bad leader can take a good staff and destroy it , causing the best employees to flee and the remainder to lose all motivation. John C Maxwell states that leadership is nothing more or nothing less.

To conclude,being a leader is an amazing job. Therefore let us participate and let others to participate in the event.

The leadership qualities are helpful in making a strong position in the society. The leadership is strengthened if we have higher verbal and speech quality. The leadership quality in the life brings lots of challenges which we can easily conquer. The leadership is a very higher skill in the life.


One should have leadership qualities for living better life. When you take initiative for handling something you should complete that task. Never leave the task halfway and enjoy life with great pleasure.


Everyone has a quality to lead the mass but someone is little expert in dealing in this in regular life. So leader can lead group and get good result in any field.


Leader cannot, tell what they are doing they so first and the success speaks.


Some are born leader whereas some made themselves as a leader working hard in life. You can lead the mass if you are strong headed.


Leader are born with their talents. It is a one of the quality if a person's personality. Leaders are very helpful to common man. They take initiative for doing anything.


Leaders are born and some they build their personality. It is very nice that you lead group and take initiative to lead and guide everyone.


Leadership is a big style that very rare people have. When you are having quality of leaders you have to guide others and never feel guilty about not able to have such quality one has to develop it so try hard for it.


Leaders are born and some they make by taking training and become successful leader. It is very nice that you take initiative and act as a leader.


Always be a good leader never give up in life and enjoy life with great pleasure. Leaders are sometimes born and sometimes they develop their personality.


Leadership in life is very important if you are capable of doing certain things you have to do it. Don't feel shy about working as a leader. You can guide the group.


Leadership is the quality of a person. Some they are born leader means by are by birth leaderships quality having and some they develop it by training and doing the certain course.


Leadership is very good quality of a person it is very good to have such a good quality and enjoy this in guiding people in your firm or any Institute.


Leadership is a very good quality of a person. It is very important for you to have such quality and enjoy life and guide others with your leadership quality to improve their standard of living.


Leadership is a good quality of a person. It is very good to possess. Lead the group with your this quality and enjoy success in life.


Leadership is not an easy thing we have to work hard to become a leader, true leader always have many followers. "Sensitive people are always Leaders, Keep your thoughts & Character high to become a true leader".


Leadership needs certain qualities all the common people are not leaders. Must be sensitive to become a good leader. " Leadership is not an easy thing it needs so much struggle and hard work".


Leading leader in any situation can give you a happiness but with this happiness you have the responsibility to take correct decision in life and encourage others with your skills.