Best, Positive And Motivational Life Quotes

We should be thankful to God for the life that we have now, check out this best life quotes

Life Quotes

What is Life?

Life is such a kind of game where there is no winning or losing,we all play our part.

No one cannot blame for the fate ,because everyone is responsible for their fate or maybe we just failed to adapt the way we have been gifted with life. 

Actually, we need to find and make our own meaning of life, exactly the way we find peace living in a safe place, with trusted people.

Life means to go on, it never stops unless your life end.

We humans are just walking the walk of life, where someone try to explore their life in their own way, while the others follow the path of great leaders or religious path to find meaning in life.

Whatever is the meaning of life is, one thing is sure that we have human values and we all like to live a peaceful life, regardless of our genetically identity.

We all should keep looking up that’s the main step for future success.Self motivation is more important for a person. Create the highest vision for your life because you become what you believe.

Be an optimist

When good things are taking too long to manifest and you’re starting to lose faith.

When you’re experiencing difficulties in life and it feels like you’re going backwards.

When life is dragging you  back with difficulties it means it’s going to launch you into great things. So keep focus and aiming.Good thoughts shine your face with a smile.

When you feel like yesterday was a struggle and you want to create better tomorrows.

Take time to do what makes your soul happy. And when we’re happy when others look at you, they also become happy.

The word “Life” means all living matters and which responses. But the reality of life is completely different. One has to know what’s the purpose of life.

And should know what to achieve goals in life. Life lets everyone to face all kinds of problems. But the courage is different and how they face and tackle the problems.

Life Quotes

“Life is the sum of all your and God choices”

And we all want to live an enjoyable and happy life.By nature, we could experience sad and difficulties in life.

If it is good and sure there will be a bitter experience. Life is only of accepting and moving on. The life quote positive is

Everything takes time, Be patient to get it...

The above quote is Life quote to change.

Cherish and enjoy life.

Life Quotes

Life is a journey which depends on our way, whether we make it or break it.
Life Quotes 42
Life is a wonderful opportunity, to enjoy all its beauty
Life Quotes 41
The word ‘LIFE’ has ‘IF’ in it, when we concentrate on ‘IF’ we fail to live life
Life Quotes 40
Life is a lesson, which teaches us new things each day and when we have learnt all the lessons we are promoted to the next higher class called Life after death.
Life Quotes 39
Life is boat which sails smoothly, when moved towards the flow rather than opposite the flow.
Life Quotes 38
Life exists till there is hope and faith, once we lose it, we are towards the end.
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Life is nothing but giving or receiving service, more you give more you receive.
Life Quotes 36
Life is a journey which we have to live till the allotted time, being happy is the best alternative available.
Life Quotes 35
Life is to live the present, rather be on past memories and future worries.
Life Quotes 34
Life is to enjoy every bit of it, as if this is the last day.
Life Quotes 33
Life is an art, which is enjoyed by an artist who learns the skill to live
Life Quotes 32
Life is the journey which starts with birth and has a certain end called death, though the date is not known beforehand.
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We can’t get enough of life, it’s like swimming in an ocean, we can only discover a little of it, not enough.
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Life is like summer, some days are sunny, warm ; then, some are either cloudy or scorching.
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All of life can be summarized in one word: “another opportunity”.
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Time’s chariot is hurrying near therefore we should live the moment we have.
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Life is a journey, we know the destination but can’t know the way to it.
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Life isn’t predestined, it is what you make of it.
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We don’t lack time in life, we just forget to hold onto it
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With every passing second we leave a piece of life behind and get a step closer to death.
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Life is a can of memories which is dated for centuries.
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As we grow up, we learn that life isn’t the “doll’s house” we thought it was as kids but a haunted house.
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Life is, as the epic says, “it’s a war”. Therefore, we must be ready for casualties.
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I’ve kept on pondering, ‘what’s life', never got to understand.
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Success comes after a hard work, Failure comes when hard work fails, Lets target for hard work to complete to attain the cup of success.
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Faith is force of life. It prompts individual to march ahead. Faith urges one to conquer the world. Please keep faith within you and never loss it.
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A good beginning has a good ending" you must starting everything prefect what ever it be happen do Your level best.
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