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Success is a bed of roses, when you are ready to accept your failure. We have a well saying "Failure is the stepping stone for success".

It is actually means if you taste what failure means, you may now ready to accept the fact. In reality, success is not part of thorns.

But we should accept who we are! and what we are! No one in the world is born with the taste of success.

Live your life to the fullest, it will teach you what is success and what is failure. 

There are two partitions in the army. one is a victory group and another is a failure group.

The group which gain the battle doesn't know the pain of failure's people heart. Likewise, The people who were defeat doesn't know the happiness of successful person. Each and everything is a unique feel . 

Only one thing which we cannot buy in the world is EXPERIENCE.

If you want to get victory means try to feel what is failure. We should not get worry about anything. Because worries makes us always pathetic.

 A good tool for SUCCESS is HARD WORK. You should work hard until you reach your destination.

Keep your goal always in your heart. If you failed in a particular thing continuously, don't think that is not going to fit for you. 

Trust yourself, believe in self hope. Confidence makes us very strong and bold enough. But over confidence leads us to disaster.

"Keep going each step may get harder, but don't stop the view is beautiful at the top".

If you want to get victory in your business you should work hard. We must work honesty. We never blame others for our own wrongs. We should not trust in destiny. 

We should trust in our own confidence, strength, power, hope.

If you really want to get success in your life, you should taste what is defeat. Stay Strong! Be bold enough to face struggles!

Success Quotes

Success is what is actually assumable if we decide to achieve it with full potential.
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When people come to you and want an autograph is the success you have achieved.
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The last step of many failures is the only success.
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When we realize what to do for our life is the first step toward a successful life.
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Struggle and risk are the key to success.
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Success and failure are not opposite to each other but the two choices we have to.
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When people fail at a certain stage, that stage decides the strength of that person.
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Journey to the center of your life, your inner piece is success.
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Struggle makes people unbreakable and ultimately successful.
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When life gives you a chance to live with full potential and you do that, that is the true success.
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Always remember: Your focus determines your reality. So stay focused on success.
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Success does not come from a SHORTCUT. It's a journey that starts with SMALL STEPS.
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To become successful, Focus on your GOAL, not an OBSTACLE.
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Everyone has an opportunity to build up. Only have to understand.
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Challenges are our friends. They make us work hard working. And hard work is the key to SUCCESS
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There is no elevator to get SUCCESS. You have to take the stairs.
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Key of success: Stay positive in life. Only your efforts can make the same.
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People with goals SUCCEED. Because they know about their journey.
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Success is not a gift which is distributed. It is aquired by hard work.
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Nothing is impossible. Even the word itself is ' INPOSSIBLE.
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Be wise in choosing three things in life: Your mission, your health and people you love. They decide what you are and where you will be.
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Its from the dark, to see the light. Its from the storm, calm appears. Its from failures, success derives. Every bad situations in life is just a sign for something good to happen. Its about holding your self beleif when you are thrown down
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Happiness is never a destination, Its a journey of life. Failure is never the end, its the start of success. Every sunset will bring sunrise, and every moon will bring the sunshine. Have patience, work on goals, succeed!
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You are the most valuable investment you will ever make. You will be the only one to push yourself towards success because nobody else will. Self love and self confidence are the keys to life
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When people are doubting how far you can reach, go so far that they cant hear you, see you and dare to touch you
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Life is like an ocean. Sometimes calm and pleasent, sometimes hard and rigid. But in the end its always beautiful. Cheers!
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Defeat is declared not when you fall, but when you refuse to stand up again. Be strong about never giving up on your goals. Its never too late to start what your heart desires.
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