Unique And Special Birthday Quotes For Daughter

Wish your loved ones a very happy and prosperous birthday - beautiful birthday wishes for Daughter

Birthday Quotes for daughter

Birthday the day which makes the family members get into the celebration mode. When it comes to your children it will be a special day that you will never overlook. As time progresses you feel a great emotion especially when your daughter meets one more year of her life. 

Child is a child it might be a girl or a boy. But having a daughter is one of the greatest joys you can have in life.

They come into parent’s world as real blessing for their life. Their lovely gestures, chatters and cute naughty acts provide us tranquillity and happiness. On her birthday tell her that how special she is to you.

Daughter’s birthday

“Angels are often disguised as daughters”

Daughters are Angels of God. She loves you unconditionally. She finds pleasure and contentment in making her parents happy and proud. 

Birthday Note - the day as a daughter, you came out from your mother’s womb.

This is the day when god has answered our prayers and sent an angel into our life. While seeing you for first time you give us feeling of hope and excitement for what the future might bring, you are the miracle of our life.

On her each birthday you can see her each stages of her life. So on her each birthday tell her and direct her in to good ways, ask her to be good, to do good, to be courageous, to be passionate,  honour her roots, to listen to her mind and to trust her instincts and to be independent in this world

How to wish daughter on her birthday?-h3

Don’t keep all yours feeling within you...express them and tell them about your unconditional love you are having for them.

Mother’s note

Since I was carrying you on my womb, my whole life has changed. While you are in my womb I started talking with you and I felt so sad when you are not talking to me that mean you are not bumping hardly on me.

Knowing of your existence was a great source of happiness for me, that great feeling motivated me to be better every day to make you feel very happy.

While seeing you for the first time, you cute little angel that moment itself I felt that I am complete. As I watch you grow up and you should take on the world with confidence and curiosity.

I will be with you but in some situations you want to be independent and you want to know about yourself, you want to choose your friends, you want to be thoughtful in your choices, and you want to keep trying to do your hardest to give your best and don’t lose your hope at any situation and be honest.

To be honest, you have probably taught me more than I think I have taught you. You have taught me patience. On this day I wish you that all your dreams come true and you have to reach great heights in life. Have a Happy birthday dear.

Father note

“You are the princess and the fairytale of my life” – Happy Birthday my darling

Every year on this day, the same scenery I can’t stop thinking of that really first moment I met you.

This is the day you gave meaning to our lives; you make up the light in our lives, the strength in our heart and the reason we count ourselves lucky every single day. We would do anything for you.

On your birthday, let me give you a small piece of advice. The world is not always fair and you will have your share of disappointments, but what matters is how you get back on your feet; also I will always be there for you at every step of life to guide you. Happy birthday sweetheart

Finally you take away all my life’s sadness and replace it with happiness. I pray that your life will never encounter darkness. So that all the days of your life may be forever accompanied by sunshine and gladness may this great day of yours lead you onto the path of greatness.

Happy Birthday to you, our beloved daughter.

Surprises for her birthday

Whatever surprises it may be, it might be balloons, cake, dress, cosmetics, things she use, soft toys. She will definitely love those surprises. Because that is the girly thing she has in her.

Apart from these surprises a handwritten letter from her mother or father will definitely impress her on her birthday 

Finally make your daughter birthday as most special birthday for her.

Birthday Quotes For Daughter

Your light has facilitated me through the haziest of times I am perpetually thankful for my little girl, and pleasurable birthday
birthday quotes for daughter 15
May this year carry you a lot of motivations And vast chances to make more joyful my little love heavenly birthday
birthday quotes for daughter 14
None as significant and as valuable as my wonderful girl I am grateful for your change into an unadulterated beam of daylight
birthday quotes for daughter 13
Most agree my girl, have transformed me cherish On this day we praise your happy soul and Cheerful day
birthday quotes for daughter 12
All your adventures through life are smooth and loaded up With energizing undertakings from this wonderful birthday my dear
birthday quotes for daughter 11
The trust in the lifetime of vulnerability is you My version has a Blissful birthday
birthday quotes for daughter 10
A parent's fantasy for his little girl is enough love of strength for her, Enough insight to make her valiant with Blissful birthday, doll
birthday quotes for daughter 9
The day of your arrival into this world makes me happen Cheerful birthday, dear have a great year my daughter
birthday quotes for daughter 8
Blissful birthday, my dear young lady, the parent of my fantasies I have encountered through you superior youngster
birthday quotes for daughter 7
My wonderful girl, Spread the enchanted energy all over All your days be loaded up with affection and Cheerful birthday
birthday quotes for daughter 6
The path of struggle that goes on, They change the world, Who won the battle from the nights In the morning, the sun shines at 7. Happy birthday to my brave daughter.
birthday quotes for daughter 5
Live the way of life; Always have a smile on your face; The heart gives you this blessing; May every day be a joy in life. Happy birthday
birthday quotes for daughter 4
No matter how big your daughter For us, you will always be a dear and Cutie Baby Girl . May God fulfill all your wishes. Happy Birthday to your daughter
birthday quotes for daughter 3
I had asked you in God for prayers, One smile of yours makes all the sorrow vanish. My princess today is for you Bring happiness Happy birthday daughter
birthday quotes for daughter 2
Dear daughter from the day you have came in my life I have always been happy, thank you for being my daughter and here's wishing you a Happy Birthday.
birthday quotes for daughter 1