Unique And Special Birthday Quotes For Friend

Wish your loved ones a very happy and prosperous birthday - beautiful birthday quotes for friend

Birthday quotes for friend

As we celebrate our birthday may we only have happiness and great surprises. Birthday comes but once in a year and friends wish many more birthday to come.

Every human on earth has given a chance to fulfill their own unique mission. A birthday is an important and momentous occasion not understated. It is a time to celebrate, reflect and give thanks.

Friend’s birthday is a chance to fulfill their own unique mission. It is an important and momentous occasion not to underestimated. The wishing friend on the birthday is a lovable one. Sending birthday greetings has become a necessary tradition these days.

How to wish your friend a happy birthday?

Wishing friends on the birthday, especially at the day begins is unforgettable wishes because it may be the first wish. Wishing you a day filled with happiness and a year filled with joy.

Sending you smiles for every moment of your special day. I hope your special day brings you all that your heart desires. Count your life by smiles, not tears. Count your age by friends, not years.

Happy birthday. May the joy that you have spread in the past come back to you on this day. Wishing you a very happy birthday. Forget the past; look forward to the future, for the best things are yet to come. 

Wishing birthday to a friend in a unique way

Wishing to the friend at sharp by twelve is a great way. Because that is unforgettable to anyone and its a special. I want to be the first one to greet you on your special day so... advance happy birthday my dear! May your day filled with blessings and love to last you a lifetime.

Though I won't be there, I hope you have a blast. I'm taking this opportunity to show you how much you mean to me by wishing you advance happy birthday. A surprising friend with a cake at twelve is a special thing. It is one unique way.

Surprises are given on a friend’s birthday

Presenting a friend’s favorite things is a great surprise to the friend. When you give gifts, you are giving something without wanting something in return.

Making someone feel special is more than enough reason to make you give more. It tells the receiver that you were thinking about them. it is a special occasion to let family and friends know that you care by giving gifts.

In short, People give gifts as a way of showing thoughtfulness, love, and affection. When we give gifts, it brings joy or pleasure to the receiver. In addition, giving gifts is something that usually makes us feels good.

Special Birthday Quotes For Friend

1. Happy Birthday to my dearest friend who always stands and supports me in all my times.

2. Happy Birthday to the person who trusts me in a wholehearted manner, who accepts me as I am. As my friend, you are the person who will not give away me and my friendship at any point.

3. Happy Birthday to my dearest friend who is my partner in crime. You are the person who lets me do crazy things and as well as cool stuff.

4. Happy Born Day to the person who shows my different side and characteristic skills within me. You are the one who makes me admire myself by seeing the naughtiest part of me.

5. As my friend, you are always close to my heart and nearer to my soul. Happy Birthday to my close closer closest friend of mine.

6. Birthdays are always to recollect the good memories. To renew the relationship and to make a new resolution. So my dearest friend, let us leave back our past arguments and fights. Let us make this year with more new arguments and fights. Happy Birthday my dearer friend.

7. Wherever we go in our life, let’s make our friendship glow brighter than before. Let us live this life to the core and make others admire us. Happy Birthday to the person who keeps happy as always.

8. I don’t know the exact reason for being a friend with you. Your presence makes me feel good and energizes me. But your absence makes me feel lost. Let us cherish our friendship lifelong. Happy Birthday to my lovable friend.

9. As my friend, you know my strength, weakness, my likes, my dislikes and my desires & goals. Happy Birthday to my dearest friend who motivates me in every point of my life.

10. As my friend, you are always my family. I cannot see you in a separate manner without my family. Your decisions for me made me travel in a safer path. Happy Birthday to my good better and best friend.

11. In our life, we may have connected with many friends. But you and I, we both are connecting towards a soulful manner. You made my life meaningful and purposeful. Happy Birthday to the person who fine-tune me in a better way.

12. Friends are not only to enjoy and cherish life. They are the ones who support us, motivate us, and raise us. Happy Birthday to my sweetest friend who always stands for me.

13. Happy Birthday to my most humble, most noble friend who taught me the meaning of friendship.

14. Happy Birthday to the person who is most sincere to our friendship. You are the person who always feels honour for our friendship.

15. I am seeing my different side of myself on being with you. You made me laugh like crazy; you made me do cranky things. You made me live my life in a happy manner. Happy Birthday my dear comrade.

16. My dearest friend, I have seen the love, care, affection you shower on me. I felt the same warmth from you as my parents take care of me. Happy Birthday, Buddy lives long stays happy as always.

17. Whenever I felt depressed I need your presence and warmth from you. You are the one who makes me forget my worries and make to come out of the situation. Happy Birthday to my soulful friend.

18. Our fights will vanish within seconds, but our friendship alone will long last until the end of our lives. Let us cherish our friendship with the whole heartiness. Happy Birthday to my everlasting friend.

19. The way you trust me, the way you treat me, the way you take care of me, the way you stand for me. The way you support and motivate me to achieve my dreams and desires. This makes me feel blessed with your friendship. Birthday wishes to my cheerful friend.

20. Happy born day to my ever-smiling, ever positive and ever charm friend. You are the one who makes me smile; you are the one who makes me positive. You are the one who makes me to be a charm personality.

21. Happy Birthday to the ever-loving and ever caring friend of mine. You made me to live the life as complete. You made me to enjoy the life in a soulful manner. You made me to live the moment to the core.

22. On your born day I thank your parents for giving birth and life to such a wonderful person who is best friend of mine. Live as much longer, stay always as a happier.

23. As we are crossing and facing our each stages as together. Let us face this life as together as friends forever. Birthday greeting to my dearest friend.

24. For many times I keep admired at you by the way you stand for me. Your trust, hope, confidence makes me to reach my goals, dreams and desires. With better vision and better knowledge. Birthday wishes to my caretaker friend who takes care of me with more love, affection.

25. Happy Birthday to my dearest friend. You are the one who always stand next to my parents by showering with more love and affection. Your confidence and trust on me makes me more motivated.

A thousand peacock feathers of friendship to keep in mind My heartfelt happy birthday to you.


May you overcome the challenges and conquer the paradise of victory. Happy one thousandth birthday, my friend.


Happy Birthday to my dear friend who gave me a golden friendship that is like a pearl in a bell.


Happy Birthday to my soul mate who has poured precious friendship like nectar into the sky.


Happy Birthday to my dear friend who fills my mind with a smile like a flower that never fades like a shadow that never fades like a spring that never fades.


Happy Birthday to a friend whose love is as cold as raindrops on the ground.


I wish, May your birthday balloons never pop. May your Jamoon be the sweetest. May your gifts be plentiful. May this birthday be the happiest.


On your birthday I wish I could give u the love and time u deserve, life has chosen me by ur side definitely it was destined to be your partner today I want to let u know I want ur partnership in every moment I miss u and ur charismatic smile u hold.love u more than my words.


Happy Birthday to my most dear and lovely friend. I know that no matter the number of days we don't talk, we still will be there for each other in times of need. Love you, always.


A caring father like you is not easy to come by in the entire universe. thanks for being such a generous and kind hearted father that you are. here's wishing you good health and all the very best in live today and always.happy birthday,I love you!