Birthday quotes for Husband

"Loving is not my hobby but I do it regularly for you hubby".

How to wish a husband on his birthday?

You should make him feel very special because he is the one who took care of you. After your parents he is the one who loves you more.

To wish him on his birthday is the most important one. Because men always forgets the important dates.

So remembering are women's nature so you should make him special. Wish him before he got a call from anyone.

Wish with a cute smile and wish him with a little hug from behind. Close his eyes and whisper those sweet wishes to his ears. 

"Just close your eyes and feel my hearty wishes my dear hubby".

Why is it important to wish husband on his birthday?

Because your wishes makes him to feel blessed and happy. Because seeing your husband's smile will make your life more  colorful than before.

Birthdays are always special one, where we celebrate our arrival to the earth. That's why everyone wishes to celebrate birthdays so special. 

Husband is the only person stays with you forever. Even though you got your children your husband will stay with you.

Everyone leaves you at some time but your husband won't. By making him feel special will give a chance to live with you.

"I wish I could with you on your birthday but distance kills by not allowing me to be with you" 

Surprise ideas for husband's birthday

Pretend that you haven't remembered his birthday. So he doesn't have any idea in his mind of celebrating his birthday.

First, you should order cake for him. His favorite flavor and design are important. Buy him his favorite things which he could feel more blessed to have you.

Decorate your house with candles and turn off the lights. Where he shouldn't know about what is going to happen. Then surprise him by a phone call and ask him to come down from his room. 

Tie his eyes, wish him and lead the way to the downstairs. Open his eyes and show your surprise to him. Then give your presents to him.

"Am the luckiest person in this world to get a wonderful and caring husband, so I'm really happy to wish a happy birthday".

Not everyone is special in your life but you are the only one who is special to me in this world. "Happy birthday my dear husband".


Birthday Quotes For Husband

All the treasure of the world is nothing compared with you, you are the diamond of my life that makes my life charming. Happy birthday my husband.
Birthday quotes for husband 92
You are such a pillar that makes me stronger from inside, happy birthday my handsome husband.
Birthday quotes for husband 91
Today is the birthday of the king of my life, whose love give me a thousand reasons to smile. Happy birthday my hubby.
Birthday quotes for husband 90
Your romantic vibes make me feel gorgeous, happy birthday my husband, may you stay blessed.
Birthday quotes for husband 89
My world was incomplete, you have completed my world by coming into my life. Happy birthday my hubby.
Birthday quotes for husband 88
The loveliest decision of my life is marrying you, happy birthday my sweetheart hubby.
Birthday quotes for husband 87
All my happiness is just because of you, you smile on my lips. Happy birthday to the world's best husband.
Birthday quotes for husband 86
Happy birthday my dear husband, you are like a flower, you have made my life fragrant with love.
Birthday quotes for husband 85
Every moment is wonderful with you, you are the charm of my life. Happy birthday my hubby.
Birthday quotes for husband 84
I am thankful to God for giving me a sweet husband. Happy birthday my lovely hubby.
Birthday quotes for husband 83
My love your birthday is going to be grand, I’ll walk with you whole life hand in hand. Happy birthday baby.
birthday quotes for husband 82
My love for you is far more sweeter than the sweetness of the cake. Happy birthday hubby with lots of hugs and love.
birthday quotes for husband 81
I want to gift you the happiness of the whole world, to have you as my husband my life became worth. Happy birthday my love.
birthday quotes for husband 80
I am glad it’s you whom I find, I am glad to be a wife of a husband who’s so kind. Happy birthday hubby.
birthday quotes for husband 79
Let’s welcome your personal New Year’s Day. Happy birthday hubby.
birthday quotes for husband 78
The brightness of the cake’s candles are nothing infront of our bright love. Happy birthday my love.
birthday quotes for husband 77
On your birthday I wish to bring all the stars down to earth just to see that cute smile of yours. Happy birthday hubby.
birthday quotes for husband 76
I am thankful to god that he gifted me you, it’s your birthday my love but seems like I got the gift too.
birthday quotes for husband 75
May god sprinkles lots of blessings all over you, may all your wishes come true. Happy birthday sweetheart.
birthday quotes for husband 74
Happiest birthday my hubby, I wish you become more healthy wealthy and chubby.
Birthday quotes for husband 73
You are my pride you are my shine, sending you on this earth god has shown me the sign
Birthday quotes for husband 72
My dearest husband l can’t live without you, without you there’s no positive view, you make my life brand new, happy birthday to you
Birthday quotes for husband 71
Happiest birthday to my lovely husband, for you I’ll always take stand, the day you were born was grand
Birthday quotes for husband 70
Happy birthday and may god keep you healthy forever, my best wishes for you will last never, I love you for ever and ever
Birthday quotes for husband 69
On your birthday I wish you a happiest start of another year, year full of more hugs and more kisses. Happy birthday my dear
Birthday quotes for husband 68
The day you were born was when my destiny was written, I am glad to have you my love, happy birthday
Birthday quotes for husband 67
God gifted me “you” as blessings to me so on this special day of yours I wish you happy birthday my love
Birthday quotes for husband 66