Birthday quotes for Husband

"Loving is not my hobby but I do it regularly for you hubby".

How to wish a husband on his birthday?

You should make him feel very special because he is the one who took care of you. After your parents he is the one who loves you more.

To wish him on his birthday is the most important one. Because men always forgets the important dates.

So remembering are women's nature so you should make him special. Wish him before he got a call from anyone.

Wish with a cute smile and wish him with a little hug from behind. Close his eyes and whisper those sweet wishes to his ears. 

"Just close your eyes and feel my hearty wishes my dear hubby".

Why is it important to wish husband on his birthday?

Because your wishes makes him to feel blessed and happy. Because seeing your husband's smile will make your life more  colorful than before.

Birthdays are always special one, where we celebrate our arrival to the earth. That's why everyone wishes to celebrate birthdays so special. 

Husband is the only person stays with you forever. Even though you got your children your husband will stay with you.

Everyone leaves you at some time but your husband won't. By making him feel special will give a chance to live with you.

"I wish I could with you on your birthday but distance kills by not allowing me to be with you" 

Surprise ideas for husband's birthday

Pretend that you haven't remembered his birthday. So he doesn't have any idea in his mind of celebrating his birthday.

First, you should order cake for him. His favorite flavor and design are important. Buy him his favorite things which he could feel more blessed to have you.

Decorate your house with candles and turn off the lights. Where he shouldn't know about what is going to happen. Then surprise him by a phone call and ask him to come down from his room. 

Tie his eyes, wish him and lead the way to the downstairs. Open his eyes and show your surprise to him. Then give your presents to him.

"Am the luckiest person in this world to get a wonderful and caring husband, so I'm really happy to wish a happy birthday".

Not everyone is special in your life but you are the only one who is special to me in this world. "Happy birthday my dear husband".


Birthday Quotes For Husband

You are my sweetheart, without you life is empty, happy birthday dear.
birthday quotes for husband 62
Happy birthday to you , have a great day ahead my backbone, my sunshine.
birthday quotes for husband 61
You taught me so many valuable things and guide me through every tough situations Thank you & happy birthday
birthday quotes for husband 60
love you more than anything, after I met you I came to know what’s the real love is, happy birthday my love
birthday quotes for husband 59
You are a well wisher, the best guide of my life, you are the best husband ever, happy birthday
birthday quotes for husband 58
Thank you for your support, understanding and for being my mine, after I met you my life has changed completely, happy birthday
birthday quotes for husband 57
Husband’s are the God’s gifts which is precious as diamond happy birthday dear
birthday quotes for husband 56
Happiest birthday dear, you are the most beautiful part of my life, Thank you for everything, you make my life more lovable than it was before
birthday quotes for husband 55
Many many more happy returns of the day hubby, I know you’ve lots of desires, surely your desires will come true
birthday quotes for husband 54
Wishing you a awesome birthday my love, birthday comes only once in a year, May you have everything you deserve for
birthday quotes for husband 53
Your love is a decoration on my love, You are the crown on my head. Happy birthday lovely husband.
birthday quotes for husband 52
Your unconditional love make my life "Heaven", It's the most precious thing for me. Happy Birthday.
birthday quotes for husband 51
Your presence make me complete, your love make me gorgeous, Happy birthday my husband.
birthday quotes for husband 50
When you came to me, it starts a sensation, My heart wants to hug you. Happy birthday to you.
birthday quotes for husband 49
Your love never let me feel alone, It's an amazing feeling to be with you. Happy birthday to you.
birthday quotes for husband 48
You are my heart, you are placed in me, Politeness of your love delights me. Happy Birthday Hubby.
birthday quotes for husband 47
Delication of your love release me realise how beautiful the world is. Happy Birthday Hubby.
birthday quotes for husband 46
You have enlightened the lamp of happiness in my life, Happy birthday to the most handsome husband.
birthday quotes for husband 45
The most tremendous love comes from the heart of a husband. Happy Birthday My Dear Husband.
birthday quotes for husband 44
My hubby you are the best husband in the world, Your love and care make me feel awesome. Happy Birthday Hubby.
birthday quotes for husband 43
It's not a fairy tale, it's a reality and the prince of my dreams became my husband. Happy Birthday my love.
birthday quotes for husband 42
No matter how far or how close we are, my love will always be with you. Wishing you a very happy birthday dear husband
birthday quotes for husband 41
I am blessed that you are my husband. With you every day is a Valentine's Day and every week is a Valentine's week. Happy Birthday my love.
birthday quotes for husband 40
You are a star full of light, having you brighten everyone's life. Happy birthday to my husband and my life
birthday quotes for husband 39
Two souls tied with a knot are now soul mates forever. On your birthday I promise to be your strength always and ever
birthday quotes for husband 38
Thank you for loving me. Thank you for making me you wife. I wish you the bestest birthday of your life.
birthday quotes for husband 37
May the years ahead be your best years and may we spend those years together. Happy birthday my husband
birthday quotes for husband 36