Unique And Special Birthday Quotes For Lover

Wish your loved ones a very happy and prosperous birthday - Beautiful birthday wishes for Lover

Birthday quotes for lover

Wishing lover on his/her birthday

Birthday is a special day in everyone's life likewise it one's lover's birthday is extraordinary special. Because lover is the one whom we chose him/her as our Co Traveller of our life.

No matter how the situation goes and path is hard to cross but with our lover, it is easy to overcome. That is the special of a lover that's why it is necessary to wish our  loved one.

No matter what happens I will be with you is enough to that person whom we love the most. Not everyone can say these words just like that, only few people mean it.

Wishing him/her on their birthday is important because some people used to feel lonely on their birthday. Many people used to feel alone on their birthday because they are the one who need love and caring.

If your Lover is that type of lover you can treat him very well and care for him the most. Caring for him/ her is the most Important thing than wishing him/ her on their birthday.

"Loving you is not my hobby 

But I still used to have it as my hobby, 

Likewise you're the one whom 

I owe everything

So be happy even though I'm not with you

I love you more than anyone

May this birthday brings you everything that you want and always stay happy with me.

My love is sufficient for you my dear love".

I don't have words to express my love on you my dear love. No one can pure this much of love on you.

There are few people who really care about us and love us with all their love. Those people are hard to find and difficult to leave. That's why God created woman, now I'm really happy to love you and care for you my love.

I try my level best to make this day a wonderful and unforgettable one ever.

Gifts for lover

In love gifts are common one because sometimes we fail to express our feelings through words and hugs. But this gift will something in your heart and mind.

Choosing gift for lover is one of the hardest one because gifts are common but it should be special to the person whom we love the most.

Some people say for fun, "I am big gift for you". Those people really mean it because for some people means a lot more than gifts. Showing the fullest amount of love through gifts also awesome one he/she can gift anything that it should remind them that your waiting for them. 

If he is a bike lover be careful while choosing gifts for him you may gift him helmet. Because boys are more craze on bike after girls, helmet will be a best gift.

Buying watches as birthday gift is also one of the best because whenever he checks the time it reminds you so, it will be a good gift for him.

For girls, buying nail paint collections will be the best because girls always used to be fond of it. Buying Wallet also a good gift for a girl because she used to have it in her hand. No matter what the gift is it should carry some memories and love for that person.

Importance of celebrating lover's birthday

It is very important to celebrate lover's birthday because you are going to spend the rest of your life with him/her. So celebrating birthday is special and it is important to celebrate birthdays. 

Because we are going to spend the entire life with him/her so celebrating birthday is very important. 

We celebrate lover's birthdays because everyday we love them but on their birthday we love them somewhat extra and take care of them in a good way. Whatever the problem we may face but forgetting those fights and surprising is very important of celebrating lover's birthday.

Even though people are always busy in their jobs they used to have a idea on celebrating lover's birthday. 

"You're my light in my dark 

You're my smile in sorrow

You're my everything when I have nothing

I'm always there for you happy birthday my dear" 

Birthday Quotes For Lover

May the coming year be more bang than last year, may all your wishes come true. Very happy birthday
Birthday Quotes For Lover 43
Even if I'm far away I remember this day, even if you're not here your shadow is with me even today, may happiness be there for you on this birthday. Happy Birthday
Birthday Quotes For Lover 42
May you live a long long life and you are my beautiful friend. This is the only wish from your heart friend.Happy birthday
Birthday Quotes For Lover 41
The way you have kept me for so many years shows how lovely you are as a person. Happy Birthday
Birthday Quotes For Lover 40
May your name be on the top of the success, may the world salute you at every step. Wish you a very happy birthday
Birthday Quotes For Lover 39
May God fulfill your wish before you even say, may you keep getting old but keep looking handsome as always. Happy birthday
Birthday Quotes For Lover 38
May every birthday be a blessing for you, may life bring new opportunities for you, I wish you happiness and also sing a song for you. Wishing you a very Happy birthday
Birthday Quotes For Lover 37
You are my hope, you are my support, you are my companion of life, whenever I am worried, you are always behind. Happy birthday
Birthday Quotes For Lover 36
May everyday be passed happily, may every night be nice, may the flower rain all through your life. Happy Birthday
Birthday Quotes For Lover 35
You are the rose that does not grow in the garden, wishes from the angels from heaven have come, your happiness is precious to me, may you always smile with me. Happy birthday
Birthday Quotes For Lover 34
Happy birthday to my friend, my life, my lover, I will always be there for you and make my love shower.
Birthday quotes for lover 33
Happy birthday dear, I want to love you each and every day of the year.
Birthday quotes for lover 32
You are my lover till the lifetime, happy birthday honey, with you everything seems fine.
Birthday quotes for lover 31
I feel blessed to have you in my life and arms, Happy birthday to my baby, and lucky charm.
Birthday quotes for lover 30
Your love is the only true love I have ever got, happy birthday my favourite lover robot
Birthday quotes for lover 29
Happiest birthday to my lifeline, with you I always shine
Birthday quotes for lover 28
Today is the day you came into this world, I want to make you independent like a bird.
Birthday quotes for lover 27
Happiest birthday to my sweetheart, from you I can never stay apart
Birthday quotes for lover 26
Its been years since you were born, on your birthday I want to say that I want to become only yours
Birthday quotes for lover 25
Happiest birthday to my love of life, you complete me each and every time.
Birthday quotes for lover 24
Happy birthday baby, its your day, And without you in my life there is no ray.
Birthday Quotes For Lover 23
Happiest birthday to my sweetheart, from you I can never stay apart.
Birthday Quotes For Lover 22
Happy birthday to my angel, my lover, I want to gift you all my love, forever.
Birthday Quotes For Lover 21
My love for you is eternal, its your special day, Happy birthday baby, with you I just want to stay
Birthday Quotes For Lover 20
Happy birthday to my love of life, one day I want to be your wife
Birthday Quotes For Lover 19
I am glad to the day you were born and came to this world, because you change my entire universe
Birthday Quotes For Lover 18
Happiest birthday to the person I can’t live without, your presence is all what it is about
Birthday Quotes For Lover 17