Birthday Quotes For Sister

Birthday quotes for sister

A sister is a second mother to her siblings. She is the best person to share our feelings and gain lots of knowledge.

When mom is not at home, sister takes over all the responsibilities and puts full effort in fulfilling the needs of her siblings. So when it’s her birthday, undoubtedly we have to make the day very special.

Love and care of a sister:

The love and care of a sister is as unconditional as mother’s love. She is a good friend, a good teacher, a great adviser and her shoulder is all enough when we are in need of support. 

A brother always tells his love story first, to his sister only. Because he knows well that she is the soul who really cares for his happy life.

 And undoubtedly, the love between sisters are also remarkable. It remains the same even after their marriages and the love carries over to their kids too.

“A sister is a little bit of childhood, that can never be lost” - Marion Garrety.

Obviously, everyone is lucky in the world if he or she has a sister who is beautiful inside and out. 

Wishing sister on her birthday:

Either it’s our elder sister or younger sister, age does not matter. If we wish on her birthday, she will feel very happy. Make sure to tell her how sweet she is!

Send wishes at least through social media, send her a postcard with a special birthday note or wish her in a phone call when you are far away from her. Although, put your effort in meeting her on the special day. 

“You are gorgeous, intelligent and caring. It’s really annoying how perfect you are! Happy birthday sister”

Certainly, you can find more wonderful birthday quotes for your sister below. 

Surprises for sister’s birthday:

Surprise on her birthday night with her favourite flavoured cake, ice cream cake would be much funnier(I personally prefer). Present her favourite colour dress, fragrant flowers and perfumes.

If you are rich enough, you can make her feel precious with some jewellery too. But the best alternative is, frame a good photo of her, with a lovable birthday quote. It will be a lifelong memory to your sister.

So you are in a search of some really amazing birthday quotes for your sister? We have many.

“When am with you sis, I never miss any other. You are loving as friends and caring as the mother. Happy birthday my dear lovable sister.”

Wonderful Birthday Quotes For Sister

1. As we both might have many heated fights, arguments, and differences of opinion. But at any point in the situation I didn’t find you relinquishing me. Happy Birthday, sweetheart.

Birthday Quotes for Sister 1

2. My sweet sister, we had never been sweet to each other. Anyway, you turn one more year old. Happy Birthday, sweetie.

Birthday Quotes for Sister 2

3. Without your talks, smiles, and fights the day will not be complete for me. Let this day be yours. Happy Birthday.

Birthday Quotes for Sister 3

4. I come to know today was your birthday. Let may pause our fights and quarrels for today alone. Let us resume by tomorrow.

Birthday Quotes for Sister 4

5. As a sister, you had been a good friend to share my thoughts. Caring mother to shower love, strict father to have a heated discussion. I
am blessed to have you as my sister.

Birthday Quotes for Sister 5

6. We may fail to show cast our love and being sweet to each other. But we are the ones who stand for each other. Happy wishes for my brave heart sister.

Birthday Quotes for Sister 6

7. As a sibling, we may have a difference of opinion in many things. While it comes to a secret plan and gossips we will be sailing in the same vessel. Have a great day sissy.

Birthday Quotes for Sister 7

8. As I am elder than you by birth, But by nature, you are more than elder than me. Happy Birthday to my little sister.

Birthday Quotes for Sister 8

9. You might be more beautiful than me. You might be more knowledgeable than me. Let it be. But for god’s sake, you are having purest heart and soul. Happy Birthday, dear.

Birthday Quotes for Sister 9

10. When I felt sad you are the one who makes me laugh. When I felt happy you are the one who teases me and makes me angry. Without you, my days will not be more interesting than now. Live long and a happy day for you.

Birthday Quotes for Sister 10

11. When I heard you are getting married. I felt so happy. Because thereafter all the things are going to be mine. There is no need for sharing room and wardrobe with you. But now I am missing you than anything in this world. Stay happier as always.

Birthday Quotes for Sister 11

12. Sisters are always like half angels and half-demons. But today is the day as an angel you were born in this world. Happy Birthday, sissy.

Birthday Quotes for Sister 12

13. Having a sister is having a vacation in volcanic Island. It doesn’t know when it is going to erupt. Happy birthday to the Chocó lava girl.

Birthday Quotes for Sister 13

14. My sweet sister today is your born day. Let us forgot the past fights and get ready for our newer version fights. Happy day dear.

Birthday Quotes for Sister 14

15. Where ever we reach in our life. Our childhood memories and days with you are like golden periods in our life.

Birthday Quotes for Sister 15

16. "I can see many people are joining in my happiness.
       As a sister you are the one who stands with me at all the times.
       Birthday wishes to my saviour."

Birthday Quotes for Sister 16

17. "Nowadays I can see the complete resemblance of our mother in you.
Birthday wishes to my caring sister."

Birthday Quotes for Sister 17

18. "After our mother, you are the one who takes care of me.
       After our father, you are the one who is stricter to me.
       This leads me to be a good person in this society.
       Stay blessed, live long and Happy Birthday to you, sissy."

Birthday Quotes for Sister 18

19. "Fights between us make me bolder.
       Revenge between us makes me sharper.
       Argument between us makes me stronger.
       Hidden affection between us makes me softer.
       These silly things between us moulded me as a better person.
       Birthday wishes to my soulful sister."

Birthday Quotes for Sister 19

20. "You are the only person who states me when I was wrong.
       You are the only person who supports me for my well-planned decisions.
       Birthday wishes to my soulful sister."

Birthday Quotes for Sister 20


Shreya Shetty

2021-02-12 23:43:02

Wishing a very happy birthday to my most adorable little minion, my heart, my little baby sister . Wish you all the love and success in whatever you do. you will always have my back


Navneet Kaur

2021-05-25 12:25:41

On your special day I am sending you a bunch of blessings my younger sister. Hope you are enjoying your life and if you need me anytime, I am just a call away. Wishing you a happy birthday.


Suraj singh

2021-05-28 05:08:44

Happy birthday my sister you are the best gift for me from god i have thnks to god because you have me i will always protect you and this is my promise i am always with you


Shilpa Sakhare

2021-06-17 17:57:10

Wish you a very happy birthday to my lovely sister, You are a good friend,God bless, keep smiling always.


Bhagat kunjal

2021-06-18 19:14:49

Happy birthday to dear sister, may god bring perfection in your life.