Unique And Special Birthday Quotes For Dear Ones

Wish your loved ones a very happy and prosperous birthday - Beautiful birthday quotes

Birthday Quotes

A day to wish a heart-felt smile, heart’s desires and other well wishes.

Our Birthdays! Wishing someone on their birthday has become a tradition. A pleasant birthday wish could make the person’s day joyful.

Count not the candles... see the light they give. Count not your years, but the life you live.

What happy birthday mean?

Birthday is a reminder of a sentimental beginning. The day of your parent’s great joy.  The day of your birth.

Thus this day is meant to keep God and your parents first place in your mind.

Thank your parents from your heart. Remember the love and affection they gave you which kept you alive till the moment.

Thank your mother for the love she gave you. Thank your father for the care he showed you. Your siblings, for their support. Think how much you have grown up. 

Why do we celebrate our birthday?

We celebrate our birthday as the anniversary of our birth.

It is the birth ‘date’ that most of all celebrate not the day. In some parts of our country, people celebrate the birth ‘day’ rather than the date according to the local calendar.

We all love to celebrate the special events. Our birthday is one of such events. Family and friends around us, sharing our joy. Sound of music everywhere. Gifts cover the birthday babe.

Yes! This is the day you awaited for.

Wow! There she is! Your mother, waking you up with a warm kiss on your cheek.

Your father, with a special delighted smile on his face.

Your siblings welcome you to the new day with a warm hug!  The time you spend with your friends on that day would be unforgettable. Is that not a satisfied reason to celebrate your birthday?

Is birthday an important day?

Each day is a precious gift of God. Is that not important to thank God each day?

The day you were born was really a special day for your parents.

Shouldn’t you thank him for the special joy of your parents? There was no you before your birthday.

Shouldn’t you be grateful for the anniversary of your own existence? Yes! your birthday is also an important day. but it’s importance lies on how much you value your life.

No matter what life gives us, make it yours and yours alone.

‘It’s a smile from me... to wish you a day that brings the same kind of happiness that you bring to me’.


The birthday is one of the happiest day of the life and we must celebrate our birthday in a very good manner. On our birthday we can take new decisions in the life and we can follow them properly. The birthday will be beginning of new era in our life and we will have several opportunities in the life from that day also we can enjoy that day with our family members, relative and friends.


Birthdays are always remembered whether young or old. Birthdays come and go every year but the memory of celebrations linger in our hearts forever, Each year we get older and older but always remain young in our hearts. We celebrate our birthdays in the midst of affection and warmth from friends and relatives. We rejoice this day to our heart's content.


May this birthday gives you happiness, have a blast. Celebrate this birthday with great glamour. Happy birthday.


The day of enjoyment the day of celebration the day to prove someone that why we exist that's why there is birthday to celebrate to enjoy our to cheer with our loved ones