Birthday Wishes For Father - Page 2

I'm grateful for such a father who sacrificed himself for his children; I can't even give you my existence, but I can wish you a joyous birthday.
Birthday wishes for father 38
Because he's the world's bravest, kindest, and best friend, my father deserves the greatest birthday ever.
Birthday wishes for father 37
Happiest Birthday to the greatest kind-hearted and compassionate father there is. If it wasn't for you, I probably wouldn't be what I am right now.
Birthday wishes for father 36
Dear dad, your special day is today the most auspicious one, I am so joyous to wish you A Happy Birthday and I always proudly say my guiding star is none other but my dad whom I love so much.
Birthday Wishes for Father 35
what shall I ask from life more, whatever success that I have earned is because of him, for me my dad is my fortune, I can only pray for his long happy healthy life, A Happy Birthday ! dear dad.
Birthday Wishes for Father 34
In this crowded world, you are so close to me, my life’s identity is also you, my living is because of you, my god is you, my fortune also, wish you A Happy Birthday ! dear dad.
Birthday Wishes for Father 33
Dear dad you are the gem of our family and the solid rock also on whom we enjoy the most Peaceful sleep, wish you A Happy Birthday ! Dear dad,
Birthday Wishes for Father 32
dear dad You are my father, my philosopher, my friend - a shining star in my life, wish you A Happy Birthday !
Birthday Wishes for Father 31
He is my idol, He is my fortune, I seek his blessings, I pray for his best health & long lasting life. A Happy Birthday ! dear dad.
Birthday Wishes for Father 30
Dear dad is not the costliest gift, not the garland of roses would be the best present, only my life for a person whom I love & respect so much, A Happy Birthday ! dear dad.
Birthday Wishes for Father 29
Just as Winter is the best season of the year, so is my dad the best person on the earth, wish you A Happy Birthday ! dad.
Birthday Wishes for Father 28
My dear dad your life style I cherish so much and always feel blessed to follow & tread on, and today is a great day for me to wish you A Happy Birthday.
Birthday Wishes for Father 27
Today’s Sunrise is a very special one for me, as the day is the birthday of my father, the person whose ever hard work even the sun’s rays would testify, I love you dad wishing you a Happy Birthday.
Birthday Wishes for Father 26
You’re a smart, cool strong dad ever, Happy birthday my Rockstar
Birthday Wishes for father 25
fathers are the best part of every family they’re backbone without them house are like a bend tree without flowers, Happy Birthday
Birthday Wishes for father 24
Dear father you taught me so many things, by holding my hand, I learned many skills from you as a child, Thank you for always there Happy Birthday
Birthday Wishes for father 23
Happy birthday!! Have a wonderful day ahead, enjoy the day, party hard
Birthday Wishes for father 22
Always fathers get a special respect and special attention in home, father are the builders of the house, Love you dear father
Birthday Wishes for father 21
You are my best friend, who understands me well before I say a word, Happiest birthday dear father
Birthday Wishes for father 20
Love you pappa, we are very happy to celebrate your birthday today, very much blessed to have you in our life. Happy birthday
Birthday Wishes for father 19
Have a great birthday dad, thank you for being grateful to us, you are hidden behind every success of ours
Birthday Wishes for father 18
Many many more happy returns of the day Dad, without you we are nothing, Stay Happy
Birthday Wishes for father 17
Happy birthday my hero, before I met you I never know how the self respect and love is
Birthday Wishes for father 16
My dear dad,,I am very that your 60st birthday falls on the 26th of this month.I think it is advisable to write a birthday letter sufficiently earlier.Many more happy returns of the day.I hope that the day itself will be happy and peaceful.we hope and pray that may be spared in happiness and health to us for many more have always been kind and generous to me.very very happy birthday .
birthday wishes for father 15
Happy Birthday daddy, I am the luckiest person in the world because I have a father like you who takes care of me at any situation I love you daddy.
birthday wishes for father 14
Hi Dad, You are the greatest Dad in the world,you are my strength and gods gift,you are my role model for taking any decison in my life, i wish you stay long years with good heath and wealth,i am thankful to god to get dad like you , always admire you.wish you happy birthday and wondeful year ahead. i wish you enjoy your day with wife, kinds and grand childern
birthday wishes for father 13
In my childhood I saw the GOD by sitting on your shoulder but I don't know that I am sitting on GOD's shoulders
birthday wishes for father 12