Best And Unique Happy Birthday Wishes For Mother

Wish your loved ones a very happy and prosperous birthday - beautiful birthday wishes for mother

Birthday wishes for Mother

A mother is a special person in your lives. She is the only one who knows you very well, since she is the only one who has been there since the day you were born. She is the person who has shaped you into what you are today. She slogs every single day for her child.

A mother can never be replaced by anyone else. From being a new born till we become an adult a mother is the only person that remains by your side. She gives us the best advices whenever you are faced with problems and comforts you whenever we feel down.

A mother is the best person in everybody’s lives. 

There is no way to repay a mothers contribution to her children the only thing you can do is love her unconditionally and take care of her in her old age . You always have to be careful;

none of your actions or activities must hurt her. From the day you were born a mother sacrifices many things, in return all you can do is love her and do small acts of help that can make her day happy.

On occasions like birthday you can find ways to make your mother happy by giving her the best birthday wishes. She deserves the best wishes on her special day.

Mother’s are gifts from god and her love is a blessing, she is your best friend when you have none, companion and comforter whenever you feel lonely or down.

You must cherish your mother everyday and on occasions like her birthday you can show your love by giving her a personalized birthday wish .

Below you can find unique and perfect birthday wishes for mothers, find the perfect wish that suits the personality of your mother.

A birthday wish that is heartfelt will definitely remain in the heart of your mother.

Birthday Wishes For Mother

Mom, you are so special for me, I asked God to pour a shower of happiness upon you. Happy Birthday Mom.
birthday wishes for mother 30
Happy Birthday Mom, You always understand my feelings, I love you Mom, I want to give you hug.
birthday wishes for mother 29
Happy Birthday Mom, You are the most precious gift for me, God gifted it to me.
birthday wishes for mother 28
Happy Birthday Mom, Your love is very charming, May you achieve wonderful surprise.
birthday wishes for mother 27
Whenever I needed you, you always stay there, Your love make me strong, Happy Birthday Mom.
birthday wishes for mother 26
Happy Birthday Mom, You are the Queen of my heart I love you by deep of my heart.
birthday wishes for mother 25
You are very caring, very loving May God bless you with health and happiness. Happy Birthday Mom.
birthday wishes for mother 24
You are the most important person in my life, I am here just because of you, Happy Birthday Mom.
birthday wishes for mother 23
Happy Birthday Mom, Whenever I feel nervous you encourage me, May God bless your whole life with happiness.
birthday wishes for mother 22
Happy Birthday Mom, You are the sweetest mom in the world, I am so blessed to be your kid.
birthday wishes for mother 21
Wish you many more happy returns of the day mom! I pray god to bless you with good health and happiness forever. I miss being with you today. Take care mom!
birthday wishes for mother 20
This birthday message is to a very special person and that is my mother. I am here to give my birthday wishes to you mom. You have sacrificied many things for us, nobody can take care of us like you and I am happy to get you as my mother! God will definitely be with you in all your ups and downs.
birthday wishes for mother 19
I consider your birth to be the most precious and auspicious day ever. "Without you nothing is possible, and with you being by my side everything is possible". Happy happy birthday my dear mom.
birthday wishes for mother 18
Hi mom, hope you are fine. My birthday wishes to the most dearest loveliest and kind mother. May god bless you with a long life and I wish to spend my lifetime with you. Happy birthday mom! Love you!
birthday wishes for mother 17
For all the nights you were waken up for me, for all the days you have been working for my meal, for all the sacrifices that you have made to fulfill my desires, and for the endless love you show towards me, I have blessings and wishes to give you back. May you celebrate this wonderful day with loads of happiness. Happy birthday my mummy!
birthday wishes for mother 16
Its the mother to stand beside her child during all the thicks and thins. Its the mother to motivate and encourage for all the little talents. You are my backbone mom! May you have the happiest birthday.
birthday wishes for mother 15
A mother is a child's inspiration, a mother is the first love for her child. To such a beautiful soul I am here to wish the most happiest birthday ever! Happy birthday mom
birthday wishes for mother 14
Wish you many more happy returns of the day lovely mom! I pray god for you to enjoy this beautiful day
birthday wishes for mother 13
Dear Mom, you have always taken care of us and you deserve the best from us. Happy Birthday
birthday wishes for mother 12
Happy birthday to my first friend, best friend and forever friend. Love you mom!
birthday wishes for mother 11
Even though I fight with you, I talk to you the next second mom. My anger disappears soon! This is possible only with a mother. Wishing you the most happiest birthday mom!
birthday wishes for mother 10
When ever I see your eyes I can feel the heaven mom! Happy birthday to my little world.
birthday wishes for mother 9
If I have another birth, I wish to give birth to you mom, because I deserve to care for you! Wishing you a very happy birthday mother.
birthday wishes for mother 8
You are the most special person in the whole world. You have given life to me. Happy birthday to my beloved mother.
birthday wishes for mother 7
Dear mother, words are not enough to define your love towards me. With few limited words I shall give a incomplete definition on your day. According to me "Your birthday gives me more happiness than my birthday, you are the one to bless me, because of you I am able to live here" Happy birthday to my dearest mother!
birthday wishes for mother 6
Every mother is special to her child. Loving your mother is prayer to itself. Wishing you a very happy birthday mom.
birthday wishes for mother 5
Wishing you a very happy birthday mom! You have sacrificed many for my happiness. You have defined me what love, care and happiness is, Without your hard work our family cannot be this peaceful. We promise to support you in every situations. Thank you so much for all the love and care you have shown towards me.
birthday wishes for mother 4