Best And Unique Happy Birthday Wishes For Son

Wish your loved ones a very happy and prosperous birthday - beautiful birthday wishes for son

Birthday Wishes For Son

Having children can be a huge blessing. They bring joy to the family. Especially if a son is a born, parents become a little extra happy.

A son is the pride of his parents. He always works hard to keep his family happy, safe and sound. He sacrifices his sleep to make sure that his family has a peaceful sleep.

He sacrifices his holidays to make sure that his family has an amazing vacation. At the very young age, he takes up responsibilities and completes them perfectly.

He sometimes is forced to give up his dreams for the sake of his family.

There cannot be another special day as his birthday to make him feel special. Start the day by wishing your son “a very happy birthday”.

Birthday wishes doesn’t always have to be sweet and cute. Bring a huge smile on your son’s face with a funny birthday wish to your son.

He deserves it , not only because it is his birthday but also for all that he has done for the family. It feels great to make the person smile, who is behind the smile of his family members.

A son always cares for his family and doesn’t brag about it. He doesn’t talk about his love for his family but we all know how important his family is for him.

Mothers and sons always have this special bond. A son cannot bear to see his mother in tears and he can do anything to keep her happy.

On his birthday, mothers go an extra mile to spoil their son.

One thing that makes a son’s birthday special is a small birthday wish from his mother.

Mothers tend to become emotional as they go down the memory lane of their son. From the day he was born till the present day they cherish every moment of their son. 

A son works hard to make sure that his parents feel proud about him.

Parents rejoice the moment their son was born every time on his birthday. So why not make his birthday special with a heartfelt birthday wishes for your son.

Make your son feel special on his birthday. Plan surprises, gifts and birthday dinner but all that would really matter for him is wishes from his family and friends and blessing from his parents.

Make sure he has a huge smile on his birthday after reading your funny birthday wishes. It can be an embarrassing moment or a funny memory that would just bring a smile on his face and lit up his whole day.

IT’s his birthday, so make sure he relaxes and enjoys the day because he deserves it. Sons are the real pillars to the family, so make sure to make them feel happy and special on their birthday.

Birthday Wishes For Son

Happy birthday my dear son may all the happiness would come to you and I pray that you would be a successful man.
birthday wishes for son 11
Happy birthday my dear son. I hope u will reach your goals this year
birthday wishes for son 21
If I taught you to walk as a child, now I am happy to help you with my walk and wish you a happy birthday.
birthday wishes for son 20
Son it was my best to give you birth on this very special day. This birthday of yours is special for you as well as for us because you gave us the greatest happiness.
birthday wishes for son 19
"Many friends may come and go in my life but I never had a friend like you ". A many more happy returns of the day to my friend. Once again a very happy birthday to you
birthday wishes for son 18
I wish you to get recognition for your talent, to travel in the path of success without any obstruction and for your better future on this good day. HAPPY BIRTHDAY MY "SON"
birthday wishes for son 17
Dear son today is your birthday and I am wishing you a very happy birthday and many more returns of the day. Live long and stay fit and healthy for years and earn good fame and good future.
birthday wishes for son 16
You have blessed our lives with your funny, kind and caring ways. Happy birthday! Son, may every dream and wish you have not only come true but also lead to an amazing future for you.
birthday wishes for son 15
We're so fortunate to have a fantastic son like you. You've always been a beacon of light for us. Happy birthday, son! You're a one-in-a-billion miracle to us.
birthday wishes for son 14
I feel so blessed to have you as my son. On your birthday i would like to wish you the best. May you be successful on your pursuit to happiness.
birthday wishes for son 13
Happy birthday to my dearest son.sending birthday wishes your way on this very important day along with the hope for a bright and positive year ahead
birthday wishes for son 12
This day when you were born, was the day of turning point in my life. The moment I saw you the first time, all my pains and sorrows vanished. May you live a long and happy life now and forever.
birthday wishes for son 10
Dear son many happy returns of the day to you and enjoy your life with great pleasure and learn basic value in life that is very important for you to became a great person in life.
birthday wishes for son 9
You're a blessing of God to us. On this day you were brought into this world to give us fulfillment. Happy birthday dear son, we will always love you.
birthday wishes for son 8
You will always be my are always take a great part of my heart. I am always with You in all difficulties.Your mother loves you really so much.happy birthday to my sweetest son.
birthday wishes for son 7
Dear son, I wish you endless joy in life on your birthday filled with full of happiness and enjoy this year happy birthday my son.
birthday wishes for son 6
Each year on your birthday son .i think of the moment.i first heard your cry it was the most beautiful sound my ears have ever heard.
birthday wishes for son 5
Dear son you changed our lives in so many ways.before you were in just a couple but after you came we became opponents of each other.
birthday wishes for son 4
Happy birthday my dear friend, when you born you made my life special. I wish god to give lots of happiness and success.
birthday wishes for son 3
This day when you were born, was the day of turning point in my life. The moment I saw you the first time, all my pains and sorrows vanished. Love you my dear son. My you live a long and happy life now and forever.
birthday wishes for son 2
I remember the first hug and first touch of you my dear son it is really an awesome moment in my life. Happy Birthday My Son.
birthday wishes for son 1