Birthday Wishes For Wife

Birthday Wishes For Wife

‘’Marriage is a life long journey that thrives on love , commitment  , trust , respect , communication , patience and companionship’’ . And I think you are the right person and the best companion of my life.

You had sacrificed many things in your life just to see a smile on my face.

There is no exception that  you’re the best person God had gifted me after my mother.

This day matters a lot for me than you. A very few meet their soul mates , but I have been fortunate enough to marry you my dear my wife! I hope you have a beautiful birthday…HAPPY BIRTHDAY , DEAR!! 

My dear beautiful wife I hope this year brings you as much joy and happiness that you have brought and continue to bring into my life.. And I am really happy and wanted to share all the blissful moments you gave me all these years, to make your birthday even more special…!

The moment  we started our life,  yet now you haven’t sighed for anything  regarding me .. Dear wife you are such a sweet soulmate , sister , mother , friend , and the whole…the best caretaker of my life.

Please don’t leave me at any situation. And seriously I cannot even move a pin without you dear.

Whenever I feel down in my life your cuddles, kisses,and your healing words just boosts me like anything , And I turn into a new  man.

when your with me I will conquer the whole world. Though I don’t literally mean but I can at least give a try when your next to me.

Your every birthday signifies that your aging , but to me your still the same cutie pie when I first saw.

You had been calm for all the stupidity of mine. I swear I seriously don’t know how you are tolerating me and our princess.

In the whole world I am the most luckiest person sweetheart to have you. It is not me taking care of the family each and everyday..It is actually you who are having us in your heart and thinking only about us the whole day

I am very happy that it’s a birthday of a person who is bringing so much of joy everyday to my heart . And I wish our happiness never ends.

may this day as sunny as your smile , and as beautiful as you are. You shine everyday, but this day,  I think you are going glow even more and shine the brightest of all.

My dear sweetheart you make my life worth living.. and you bring smile to my face. .and your touch shows that how much you love me and care for me.

You are my best friend and my lover. You deserve only the best and I wish to God that you seek only the best.

You are the reason for the joyous in my life. I am happy that I am sharing the most special day of your life with you.

Hope you will love all the surprises that I have arranged for you.. My cutie pie be like this always and annoy me with your naughtiness

Hey baby, the only good thing happened in my life is YOU. If you weren’t in my life I would have seriously gone mad in many cases ‘ Sorry’ is the only word I  had used a lot more than saying “ I Love You”…But this day I am not going to say sorry, not going to lie…because it is your BIRTHDAY MY SWEETHEART.. Stay happy always. Love you loads now and forever; My love towards you will never end.

Birthday Wishes For Wife

Happy Birthday darling! Best wishes for your future days and goals.
Birthday wishes for wife 74
Happy Birthday my baby! You are a romantic heroin in my dreams .I am always fly on moon as I see you in the room.
Birthday wishes for wife 73
Happy Birthday my sweet heart! We both are soft by heart .This quality brought us closer everyday.
Birthday wishes for wife 72
Happy Birthday my dear cute lady. I am complete today is because of you. Thank you for choosing me as your life.
Birthday wishes for wife 71
Happy Birthday my precious Wifey! You are millionaire and I am billionaire .We spend our dollars together.
Birthday wishes for wife 70
Happy birthday my LIFE. You are my world and I am your life. Let's live together forever...
Birthday wishes for wife 69
Happy Birthday my soul mate. We are here in this world as we are made for each other in heaven.
Birthday wishes for wife 68
Happy Birthday my other half. You are not perfect and I am not perfect but let us live our life respectfully.
Birthday wishes for wife 67
Happy Birthday to my perfect partner. You are perfect as square, tougher as diamond but soft as marshmallows.
Birthday wishes for wife 66
Happy Birthday to my favorite woman. I like the courage in you! Lotus eyes of yours, golden smile on your face.
Birthday wishes for wife 65
You are the owner of my penthouse, gardener of my farmhouse and vendor of my warehouse. Lucky to have as my spouse! Happy Birthday Darling!
Birthday wishes for wife 64
Happy Birthday beloved wife. You are my favorite women and precious person of my life. You are invaluable.
Birthday wishes for wife 63
Dozens of Birthday wishes to dear Wife. I love you more, never ever abhor, because I cannot bear anymore, let's live for more.
Birthday wishes for wife 62
Happy birthday dear wife. Sun rises in east, your smile rises like yeast, I love you least, but your love for me is a feast.
Birthday wishes for wife 61
Hearty Birthday wishes to my life partner. I am really thankful to you to accept me as your life partner.
Birthday wishes for wife 60
Lovely Birthday wishes to my Wife. You are the queen of my world. Blessed to be your husband.
Birthday wishes for wife 59
Happy Birthday to my dearest wife. Thanks a lot to enter in my life and to make my life beautiful heaven.
Birthday wishes for wife 58
Shower of Birthday wishes to my wifey. You are a women who makes my dreams come true. Lucky to have you!
Birthday wishes for wife 57
Tons of lovely Birthday wishes to my Wife. I love you darling! Always I am a wealthiest person when I fly with your dreams.
Birthday wishes for wife 56
Happy Birthday wishes dear Wife.We both are together as our souls speak ,sing and think on the same thoughts.
Birthday wishes for wife 55
Your are angel of my life. I try my best to take care of your expenditure. Happy Birthday dear wife!
Birthday wishes for wife 54
Happy Birthday wishes to dear Wife. I am fortunate to have you in my life Thanks a lot for growing my kids in a healthy environment.
Birthday wishes for wife 53
Happy Birthday dear Wife.I am blessed to have you in my life.I am thankful to God!
Birthday wishes for wife 52
Heartfelt birthday wishes to my wife..I am always your well wisher and caretaker.
Birthday wishes for wife 51
Wish you Happy Birthday my darling!You are my life and you are my dream.
Birthday wishes for wife 50
Wifey! Happy Birthday! I and my kids are your world. I promise to take care you and my family always.
Birthday wishes for wife 49
Happy Birthday my dear wifey. Lots of love always for you as long as I am in this world.
Birthday wishes for wife 48