Best And Unique Happy Birthday Wishes Quotes

Wish your loved ones a very happy and prosperous birthday - beautiful birthday wishes quotes

birthday wishes quotes

Birthday is the only day a mother smiles from the heart, looking at her child crying. Wishing somebody on their birthday has become a world wide tradition.

Even if a stranger comes up and says it's his or her birthday, we quickly wish them Happy birthday with a smile all over our faces.

Birthday can be more important to others than the birthday girl or the boy. Such is the importance of a birthday. Celebrate your loved one's birthday with our birthday wishes quotes.

Every birthday gives another year to live, love and cherish. Auspicious days like this ought to be memorable and captured. Birthday wishes, parties, surprises and gifts play a crucial than the actual person who is celebrating his or her birthday.

Let your friend or beloved know how much you value their existence through an sms with our sweet birthday wishes. 

Your partner's birthday maybe nothing to them but something for you. Something huge.

Surprising your partner, making him or her a cake, buying presents for them are a few things we do to show them how much we love them. The things we do for love.

Another crazy act is buying a thoughtful gift,the struggle is real!! In the era of buzzing people and traffic sms has become a very common means of communication. It helps in making things easier.

Even if people are on a run, they send a simple sms telling others how they feel and they are upto.

Sending our Happy birthday wishes sms, through an sms might be a small gesture to show your love and affection to the person but it is also an adorable one.

A small sms wishing your partner happy birthday can make his or her day better. Waking up to your one small sms can make them smile, early in the morning. We all know how much a smile is worth of. 

Buying their favourite cake or a beautiful card is the biggest thing to do on your favourite person's birthday. Even if this is done, thinking of writing lines on cards and cakes is a giant struggle.

For friends we definitely  think of writing some lunatic stuff remembering our past and present together. To ease your worries, we have a special section on wishing your dear friend on his or her birthday.

Use our hand-picked funny birthday wishes on cakes and cards to make your friend's day even more crazier and fun. Friends constantly stay with us and support us do stuff we only dreamt of doing.

They might laugh when you fall but they also come back to pick you up. Humour can sometimes go wrong with others but it can never go wrong with friends. It also adds to the day. Humour makes things and events exotic. 

The following birthday wishes quotes will definitely help you in writing for your friends and family members on their birthday. A day, very dear to you.

They know how much you love them, but it doesn't hurt to remind them of your affection.

Beautiful Birthday Wishes Quotes  

1.Coming together is a begining; Keeping together is a progress; Working together is a success; Let us join hands on your birthday to celebrate it,my dear!

2. It feels good when someone misses you; It feels better when someone loves you; It feels the best when someone never forgets you; And that's how you are etched in my heart. Happy birthday !

3.I wish a wonderful birthday to the God-devised wonder in my life!

4. My hearty birthday wishes to the person dwelling in my heart !

5. I pray God to bless you with a life of Riley on your day of advent to this world, my sweet heart !

6. I wish to go an extra mile , to make you smile invariably; May your birthday be filled with merry, my deary !

7. You turned me from a Joe bloggs to a big gun; May your life be overloaded with times of great festivity , my mother !

8. May this birthday ignite your life with incessant heath and wealth !

9. May you have a frolic birthday , my dear friend !

10. Let all your difficulties dissipate and may you have a fantastic life ahead !

11. I am filled with the weath of your overloaded love, my dear best friend; May your inbox be filled with mine now,on your birthday !

12. I thank you for rescuing me everytime from each horner's nest ; It's time to cut your cake !

13. Understanding is the thread holding our hearts together for years; Wishing you many more candles to blow !

14. May new leaves of happiness branch out from the impending years of your life journey, my dear !

15. Have a fabulous birthday that adds color to our bonds !

16. Our hearts are connected in such a way that they emit coherent waves of love . Have a wonderful birthday, my love !

17 . By blowing the candles, may your birthday light your life with delight!

18. May your birthday be as awesome as you are, my dear !

19. It's time for happiness to rule your life henceforth. Have a happy level up day !

20. May your birthday add extra colors to your ordinary living ,to make it extraordinary !

21. Let all your sorrows hit the sack; And may merries sprout out on your birthday !

22. May this birthday extinguish your wail and gain you hail !

23. You have been a perfect cut out person for my empty life. I hope you have an enjoyable birthday !

24. Your birth is my gift from your parents; Your mirth will be your gift from me . Enjoy your lovely existence !

25. May you feel the euphoric sense of life henceforth , my dear friend !

Coming together is a begining; Keep together is progress; Working together is Success wish you happy birthday my sweet dear.. Love you so much


Birthday is a born day to every one and its a special day. The day we born is celebrated as a birthday and the blessings from our elders are growing us longer and longer.


Many many happy returns of the day. I wish you a great happiness in your life that comes. The life is the most beautiful thing and it consists of happiness and sorrow.


Hi happy birthday to you dear and a many many happy returns of the day dear by the way how are you and what are your plans for today are you going to celebrate your birthday. it is very important to have such a wonderful day comes in life and we celebrate this with family members and friends and enjoy this day like anything it is your day. Enjoy this day with family members and friends and it is our pleasure that we together can also celebrate this day.


All thing are sweet and bright. May you have a lovely Birthday night with Family,Friend,GF or BF etc, wish a very greatfull birthday, And one last Happy Birthday


The day of your birth is among the most beautiful days of yours life.So do not forget to wish your friends a happy birthday in this special day for him or her. Do not let this day pass as an ordinary day for your lover but instead make it acceptional by sending him/her a lovely text in where you wish him/her a happy birthday full of happiness with all your love. To the world,you may be just a person, but to me, you are more than the world. Happy Birthday


Feel good when somebody miss you. Feel better somebody loves you. But feel best when somebody never forgets you. Wishing you a very very happy returns of the day at a great moment your life.


On this day a beautiful gift was by the god in the form of you, you cherish our life with your sweetness and always motivated us with your presence. I wish you a very happy birthday my dear friend, hope you be blessed with the beauty of this grace and every day of your life bring you happiness.. Happy birthday.


Happy Birthday to someone who is funny,charming,cute and loving. On Your Birthday I Wish you a lifetime Happiness, and Lot of your Big Dreams coming true.. HAPPY BIRTHDAY MY DEAR....


Happy brithday dear friend Mey god bless you and you know im your oldest friend and love you soo much my dear friend. Lets start new life from today and please dont go in wrong place because i dont want you are going wrong place and you do some bad work and be a good person in your life ok and take care my dear best and forever friend


Happy birthday to you and many many happy returns of the day and celebrate this day with your family members and friends and have lots of fun it is a day comes once in a life and we celebrate this day with great pleasure and fun it is very important to have such a wonderful time comes in life and we ware new clothes and shoes and socks and watch enjoy this special day with biloved one .


we think writing on wall is as obvious best is to join the best network sites to wishes to you all have the passion of writing on wall has become a trend of writing and expressing the feeling on wall many joys get swepty away with it but it remains for ever what ever pressure axniety goes with the joy of happiness


Happy birthday to you dear and many many happy returns of the day to you dear and have fun throughout the day and celebrate this day every year and you are one year elder that feeling with you .it is a day one wait for celebrating once in a year and it is very happy moments onefeel and enjoy this day with your family and friends.


Happy birth day dear.. Wishing your parents all the best of luck as you start your climbing phase. A birth day is the most special day in our life. Enjoy it to the fullest..


Hi my dear friend wish u many more happy returns of the day.Be happy ever.Face the the problem with boldness. All Ur wishes comes true dear.Dont ever get fed off be happy ever and succees in your life dear.Be unique.Be ever succeed in your life dear.God bless you my dear friend.By this year all Ur sadness die and only happiness starts and live long in your life dear.


The birthday will be a remarkable day in your life and you will be able to enjoy a lot. Your birthday will bring lots of happiness in the life and there will be lots of celebrations in the party. On your birthday you can take certain decisions and decide about the future planning of the life. There will be several gifts in your life and all your family members relatives and friends will wish you happy birthday.


happy birthday world is full of beautiful things like you. Happy Birthday and stay blessed and keep smiling always and let all ur dreams come true


I Wish many many Happy Birthday to you and God bless you. Always success in your life and also I wishes your family.


I wish you earn what You want, I wish you get success if You think once, I wish u live 100 of years. Happy Birthday My Dear Freind


Whatever you may do on your birthday, may it bring you the happiness you deserve. Happy Birthday my friend.


I would like to wish my cutie pie best friend a very happy birthday to you.Lots of love and lots of wishes to you from my side.May whatever you do in life will be successful in that.Hope that all your dreams come true and what you want in life get it.I also want to say one quote that change your thinking and you can change your life.I know you are my best friend and i always wish a good luck to you and happy birthday again.


Today is the day of my mother birthday and i am really much happy for that.I really want to say a big thank you for being my mother as my life without you is nothing.You are always there with me whenever i need you so i just want to say that i wish that you may live long as more than hundred years and stay blessed


Many more happy returns of the day my sweet sister... May your coming year surprise you with the happiness of smiles, the feeling of love and prosperity. I hope you will find plenty of sweet memories to cherish forever. Keep smiling in the entire life... Stay blessed in your sweet family... "HAPPY BIRTHDAY DEAR SIS..." May GOD bless you and your family...


Happy birthday friend!!! and god bless you. What's up Where is the managing the party? I am waiting dude. I am very happy.


Dear, Your the only one who attached closed to my heart. I really miss you this day. Wish you happy birthday day to my Dear friend. Have a memerable day.


Wish you many more happy returns of the day..may god bless you..may you have a fantastic year..luv you so much..wishing you all the very best for this year


I wish you the day will be more special and wish you many more happy returns of the day my Dear friend.