Unique Quotes For Young, Loyal, Smart And Handsome Boys

Men are gentle and classy, without men and boys, life of women are incomplete - boy quotes

Boy Quotes

“A boy is truth with dirt on his face, beauty with a cut on his finger, wisdom with bubble gum in his hair, and the hope of the future with a frog in his pocket,”

How true the above quote is! A boy is someone who is going to be a superhero in future. Boys are always active and strong.

Boy quotes for son:

“My son makes me smile when, despite how big of a boy he is getting to be, he climbs into my lap just to cuddle.”

When a boy baby born to a parent, his mom feels very secure as she gets an, another man for her life who is going to love her till her last breath.

It is natural that a dad loves his daughter a lot and a mom always loves her son a lot. On the day a boy born itself, his family starts to dream about his future.

There will be a lot of responsibility for his parents to teach him many good things he has to do when he grows up.

A boy is the strength of pillar for his mom. He always wants to be his mom’s sweet pie and wishes to hug her, no matter how much bigger he grows. 

If you have a handsome boy and you are a mom who wants to tell that to him, then share our quotes to your boy and make him feel special. 

Good boy quotes:

“A handsome boy can take a girl’s eyes, but a gentleman can take her heart.”

No personality, no outfits and no luxury cars will make a boy handsome. Only a boy with a good heart and who treats a girl gentle is a handsome one. 

We should always compliment the boy in our life. We should often say that he looks handsome and he is completely perfect in spite of all his imperfections.

The future of a boy is always depends on how his parents, his sister, his lover and his friends treat him. So always treat a boy with good respect and never say that he is not eligible for anything.

Bad boy quotes:

“Bad boys can be fun, if you don’t get too close.” - Sylvia Day

Bad boys are not born, they are made. Obviously, no one born in this world as bad, it is the culture they are grown in and the things they are taught by, makes all the difference.

We should never judge a boy as bad just by seeing his personality or dressing. He may look rude but sweet inside.

A boy may be rude because of any bad things or abuse he faced in his childhood. His mom or dad might not shown any care towards him. He may does not have any siblings who could love him.

If you have a boyfriend who is bad, then you must give a try to change him good. Tell him that he is very good and with the love and true care you can change him.

Boy Quotes

Boys are most of the time very confused about their existence and always trying one or other things. They are slow in learning. They are having less confidence than girls.
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Some boys are really simple and care for others in a genuine way, don't loose them
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Boys are the king to their parents and Prince to their wife and hero to their children.
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Boys are like a stone what ever comes to it it can't be effect it but in the last it can be broken in the end.
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Boys are the kind to their parents when they earn money the kindness becomes the crown to their parents.
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A boy does everything for his family and friends yet he is left alone when he needs someone very badly . Once he overcomes it, he will be a man. The story of every boy!
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Boys have hearts shattered into thousand pieces and still love you.
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The boys Serious about life will never cheat a girl but they need a girl who support him to live life completely with their parents.
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Boys never show their feelings but they express them in their efforts
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Be a boy Be a gentleman
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Only swag and attitude is not important. confidence and personality of the way in which the boy carries him self makes him glow in the crowd
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The most difficult part for boys is to sacrifice their dreams for the sake of their family.
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