Unique Gentleman Quotes For Loyal, Smart And Handsome Men

Men are gentle and classy, without men and boys, life of women are incomplete - gentleman quotes

Gentleman Quotes

"In this world it is hard to find a gentleman like your father, dad means a lot to us."

Who is called a gentleman?

The man with good respect, clean and courteous. Which it means only a few can come under this category.

A gentleman never never fights without anyone in public. Which means he doesn't want to everyone to get attracted towards him.

He never shows off his own to others in order to be their friend.

A man with proper qualities and respect towards everyone can consider as a gentleman. Especially a gentleman knows how to treat a woman at home and in public. 

" My father loves me like he has never been in love before and cares like everything, only his love is enough for me in this world, a perfect gentleman is my father."

Qualities of gentleman

Managing time is one of the best qualities of a gentleman. He will have an eye contact with you while talking to you.

He never make you to feel discomfort while when your with him.

He himself never calls as a gentleman but by his actions we can come to a conclusion that he is a gentleman. 

A real man suspects you but a gentleman never suspects you. He makes you to feel free and makes you feel whenever you are with him.

This one reason is enough to be a gentleman.

A gentleman can always protect you from everyone because he knows the minds of make like him. So, you can blindly trust someone who is a gentleman.

"He never made eyes on other women in front of me because he knows my love for him even though if I'm not with him at that place, he is my perfect gentleman my husband."

How to be a gentleman?

To be a gentleman it doesn't have anything to do with your loved ones.

It is all about your dressing and the way you spoke to everyone. And the way you teach others will show your kindness of being a gentleman.

Never rely on lies and fame because these two are not permanent in this life.In other words we can say gentleman is like a human being which he doesn't want anything to attracted to him.

 " The one who loves his mother will be a gentleman."

Wearing good clothes means not they are gentleman. Attitude and behavior shows real gentleman.


Gentleman always help others and you can make out with their personality and it is always good to have such people in life. Who is ready to help others and polite.


A real men don't just the feelings of a women, even thought he is not the reason of that.


A true gentleman never hurts a woman because he know how to handle a situation and maintains his calm in every condition.


Person who is up-to-date always called gentlemen. Gentlemen always favor ladies and help them in a different way. Man are always giving respect to ladies.


Person who is up-to-date always called gentlemen. Gentlemen always favour ladies and help them in a different way. Man are always giving respect to ladies.


Gentlemen are the men known for their braveness and teaches a lesson to their kids and become a gentleman.


Get the best person like a mirror because whenever you cry it never laughs


It is not about what you wear, it is about how you carry yourself out.


Don't try to show who you are to others, they will know automatically when you are a true gentlemen.


A true gentlemen is one who keeps up his words.


Gentleman is one who handles things in his own style.


Honesty and self discipline are the two attributes that belongs to a true gentle men.