Unique Quotes About Boys For Making Them Proudly Happy

Men are gentle and classy, without men and boys, life of women are incomplete - quotes about boys

Quotes about boys

A Boy is a young male human and a form of masculine. By nature, they will have some set of attributes, behaviours, and roles.That differs from feminine.

Each boy is unique but as for masculine character, they are bounds towards the same community.

Some common characters for masculinity are strength, courage, independence, leadership and assertiveness.

They might be too strong in their muscular built body. When comes to their family & friends they are sensitive and light hearted personalities. By emotion, boys are not too strong as a girl. 

Boys will be boys

Whatever boys will be boys with some unique characters.

Boys have integrity and character. They know to balance their family, friends and work.

Boys have more confidence in them, they are courageous and they let others talk & listen to them.

Boys are ready to take any initiatives they will not feel shy and thinks about whether they are good to present. They fail to think about their appearance.

As a boy, they are ready to take the first step in a group setting and in a relationship.

Boys always have self respect and give respect to all. They always are empathetic and forgiving.

They never carry past bitterness because they are forgettable characters. They are not more accurate with dates and memories as women.

How to be a good boy?

A child grows by seeing the environmental situations around them.

They tend to see both good and bad. As a parent and citizen’s we have the responsibility to mould a child for this society.

The main role of parents and teachers is to teach them to differentiate good and bad activities.

First, a good boy should show respect to all humans. There are no works that are always allotted for a girl, as a boy they can share their work.

As a woman, she is capable of all things to do don’t ever underestimate her.

A good boy is always sincere in their work. As a good one, they should not be good in the entire situation they should rise against the odds.

Without cause, they should not involve in other problem. But if a situation is not fine, always boys have a responsibility to calm down the situation. As in physical they are strong they can help & protect others in a difficult situation.

Qualities of a good boy

As a boy, they need to have some good manners. They need to show more respect for women.

A good boy should fight for injustice and protect & safeguard their friends. He should be loyal, humble and honest.

A boy should act as a good team player and decision maker. As well he should be adaptable towards the entire situation.

If a boy is good he will definitely have true & good friendship. As a boy, he has the role to support & promote moral excellence. He will have the vision to lead.

As a boy, he should have gratitude and know the importance of family and his creator.

So let us appreciate their hardworking nature towards their family and future. Also we can support for their social responsibility towards the society.

Here are some quotes about boys.

Quotes About Boys

Boy's have the biggest heart and that's true no girl can take lifetime responsibility of a person with no blood relation with whole heart as boy's take of there wives.
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To get a boy friend is not a usual or luck. It is a boon. A true girl will know that.
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love like your mother, work like your father, care like your sister, but live like a solider of a country.............
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The strongest soul in the world.Greatest among all living things. Your support leads to the success in every ones life.
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Boys must be gentle and loyal that what a real woman wants
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Respect them they are mostly survival of families they also have feelings and problems as well but they never show off
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Boys the right hand to mother and father which they need to have their life with them. Boys are the king to their parents.
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Boys are very smart nowadays they learn everything by internet and it is good too. So don't misunderstand boys and they are very smart.
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Boys of today will become men of tomorrow so nurture them and make them a strong character.
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It is to be understood by young boys that one has to live life with proper planning and never misguide by anyone. It is very nice to have such a nice personality don't spoil it.
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I must say that boys are the future of the country they have to learn exactly how to live life and protect others so may the society may turn in to a solid personality.
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Boys are like pineapple, outer side they are tough and rough, but inside they are sweet and soft. But, not every one.
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The boys may try to become stronger, but they are soft from heart. They get melted easily and sort out the things more carefully. May be they seems to be heartless on some places, but they have heart and that heart is really sensitive.
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