Most Memorable And Best Quotes On Childhood And Innocence

Children are the bliss of life, no child get mold without school and teachers - childhood quotes

Childhood Quotes

"One of the most valuable which I can't buy is my childhood."

Importance of childhood

Childhood is the only thing which shapes you, and it changes your future. Because the childhood period has its own memories, where you can create good and became bad. But now everything is unchangeable.

Because what you are today will definitely have your childhood to do with this. For instance, you can take your first-time big mistake in which you got beaten black and blue. But now you won't repeat it that's why childhood is important.

The periods of time where you love your parents more than anyone. Where your parents always give you and help you with all your problems.

" Happiest days are when your mother sent you to the shop and after returning gives you a reward."

Sweet memories about childhood

Childhood has its own sweet memories like when you ride your cycle for the first time. When you played with your elders' ones in the streets. Those memories can't be erased from your brain.

Eating sugar as snacks and later getting scolded won't come back to you. In your childhood, no one is bad up to us, where you can love them only. There is no personal Vengeance and ego between friends. But now everyone is totally different from their childhood.

Whenever your mother gives you something eatables you rush to your friends and share with them. Childhood days where we share each and everything even your foods and snacks. 

"We never think that 'I' should have everything and to eat everything, but we used to share everything, missing those days."

Why almost everyone misses their childhood?

Because those days we don't have any ego on the other person. What we can do is love them and play with them. But nowadays it becomes worse because everyone has started to think selfishly.

Only they can have what they want is to should he/ she should want. In childhood, there are no differences but now we have so many differences.

Nowadays people act very badly and that's why everyone misses their childhood and those memories. Those days we don't have mobile phones and tablets and also stuff.

We used to play until the sun goes down and getting scoldings from the parents. No matter what happens we used to forgive them in a minute.

Famous childhood quotes

1. Childhood always makes life beautiful. Those days make us learn more things and teach us lessons to survive the best part of life.

2. Childhood is the age whereas a child we will not think as much deeper. That makes us interact with many people, to do many things that we like and to explore whatever we want.

3. In our childhood, we may have a lot of friends. We won’t differentiate them from one another and think before being friends with them. By making many friends in our childhood. That helps to explore many sorts of peoples and learn life lessons from them.

4. Childhood is the only stage where we may have a lot of precious things. Like precious memories, precious things, and precious moments. At last precious persons to carry throughout our life.

5. Childhood is the period where we may wait in an eager way to grow up to do things whatever we like. But after growing we start to long for our childhood days to come back.

6. Whenever we come across a child we can see and feel the pureness in them. They even don’t know the meaning of vengeance, cruel, rude, cunning and possessive. The only thing they know is to laugh when they are happy and cry when they are sad. That makes every child lead and live in a happy way.

7. Many of us in childhood we got afraid for some reason. That may be silly now but at that age, it means in a real way.

8. The reasons to get panic may be incomplete homework; it may be also for going to school. It may be also to get a sign on the report card. Getting panic for also for a particular subject or staff and particular exams. Later they all became good memories to us.

9. Childhood is the stage where we lived without any commitments and responsibilities. Childhood is the only carefree period in our life.

10. Every person’s childhood filled up with more joy, more care, more love from others. That itself makes childhood days to be more enthusiastic, energetic and more eager.

11. Some people’s childhood in a rare case will be more drastic without parent’s love and care for them. Those children will learn more lessons in their childhood days. Those lessons mold them and help them to succeed in their future.

12. Some children got affected by some birth defects. The love and care shown to them make them raise and feel positive about them. With their parents and friend’s support in their childhood days. It helps those children to reach their heights.

13. Childhood is the only stage where we lived our own life. Without any over-expectation and luxurious desires. That itself makes our childhood to live and lead in a happy way.

14. A small thing, a small surprise, a small gift, a small compliment. It makes every child get excited and they got satisfied with what they have with them.

15. Every child is unique. Every person’s childhood will be awesome. All start to travel their life with their childhood memories along with them. They save it in their mind and feel it like a treasure for them.

16. Childhood is full of observation. Every child’s action speaks more than their words.

17. "Childhood is awesome when a child has a family to shower love & care on them.

Childhood is awesome when a child got a proper education & a good teacher.

Childhood is awesome when a child lived and surrounded by good people.

Childhood is awesome when a child got proper food, and shelter to live.

Childhood is awesome when a child lived without knowing poverty & worries."

18. Still, I remember those cycle ride days, where I and my friends go to school. The talks we had, the happiness we felt, gossips we made. Discussions and arguments make us get excited by thinking about it for now.

19. The most unforgettable memories for all in our childhood. It will be those picnic days with our friends. The way we got ready for the picnic, the way we share the seat with friends, the lunch we had the picnic. Spots we explore on our picnic make us still remember those days with the same excitement we had on that day.

20. Childhood always molds a child into a person. A person learns in their childhood and implements the learned one in rests part of their life.

21. Children learn each thing by seeing their family and society. By that itself they come to the conclusion to lead their life. A child’s growth is in the entire elder one’s hand.

22. We always remember each moment in our childhood days. Later when we get to grow up we start to forget the daily activities in our life.

23. In childhood, we all might have our own Disney land in any part or corner of the house.

24. Childhood will be fun-filled and colorful with friends. The games played with friends, mischievous things we did, others who yelled us. Those memories ride us back to those days.

25. Whatever we may study, wherever we may go, we maybe even reached our heights. But our all-time favorite teachers will be our childhood teachers.

26. A Teacher has the main role in a child’s life. Teachers teach many basic things to a child. For their survival rather than algebra and trigonometry.

27. Childhood is always awesome. Where we celebrate each festival with friends, family, and relatives. That itself cherishes our life with full of joy and memories.

28. Nowadays all are wishing and greeting others by sending a text message. In childhood, I still remember writing a card.

29. Presenting others during a festival makes us get into the celebration mode.

30. Childhood gives us true friends and true people to carry out through our life. They never leave in any situation and stand our side in all situations.

31. All the first things happen in our childhood. Later those things stay with us as good memories.

32. Children are the one who never knows to behave fake for any reasons. They never smile for fake and they never sustain for fake. They are the ones who state their likes and dislikes in a bold manner.

Children look at everything and see the magic, feel it and breathe it while I cannot do so.


Some times we make a wish to god that we have our childhood back. So that there are no more breakups, pains in life.


Childhood memories most precious and funny memories which at the age of 75 if we remember there is a smile on our faces.


Parents should give good lesson if life at home also, build a good personality and results you are going to see. So parenthood is very important for bringing up of your child.


Childhood is a phase in which one can't forget and explore everything with innocent observations. It is good to enjoy childhood.


Childhood is a best thing in everyone's life , past life will never come again in life , enjoy every minute and moment in life of childhood . That memories always cherish , it'll never forget , even we grown up ,we never have to let the children to die which inside of us . in childhood which we playing in streets , enjoying the fake told stories of granny are unforgettable .


It is very nice to enjoy childhood and you can do anything. It is a phase where you can do anything which you like. Never ever you snatch anyone's childhood.


Wishing you the fun days of school and childhood memories which is remembered throughout the lifetime which gives the smile on the face which gives the positive energy to get remember and recollect the memories.


Childhood friends are always remembered we never forgot the memories we share with them in school . " Childhood is special part of everyone's life , well enjoy the part and save some memories "


Friends of childhood are irreplaceable Hundreds can come and go Don't let it hurt your ego


We all have that one best memory we never want to forget even after death.


Childhood will always remain as our best memory and we never want to forget it.


Everyone has their own story in their childhood but everyone have beautiful childhood some face struggles some face happiness but childhood is a time which we never forget


Childhood friendship is the most beautiful memories we carry throughout our life, it can always reminds me what were we.