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Children are the bliss of life, no child get mould without school and teachers - children quotes

Children Quotes

Biologically, children are human beings between the stages of birth and puberty

Besides the stages between the development period of infancy and puberty

It may also describes the relationship with a parent 

Such as sons and daughters of any age

Some of the definitions include,the Fetus 

In other words,"new born"

The 1989 United Nations Convention on the right of the child define,a child as an individual who do not attend the age of 18

In India,people consider them as a minor

In addition,they consider adult or person with the age of above 18 as major

Children are unable to make serious decisions 

Children learn initially through play and then through some schooling

To put it another way,they have to undergo certain social development

We use the term Children to refer the younger children who do not have the maturity as well as understanding to make decisions for themselves

There are 12 rights of a child.They are,

First of all,the right to live in a family environment

Second,the right to a stable,loving and nurturing environment

Third,the right to Healthcare and nutrition

Fourth,the right to clean water,electricity and a safe environment

Fifth,the right to have an equality

Sixth,the right to equal opportunities

Seventh,the right to guidance from a caring adult

Eighth,the right to hear and participate in an event that affect them

Ninth,the right to prepare for active and responsible citizenship

Tenth,the right to protect from abuse and neglect

Eleventh,the right to dignity and freedom and

Finally,the right to spiritual development

These are some of the rights that the children can have.

Etymologically,the term"child"comes from Latin word Infas

Besides,it means the one who does not speak

For the Roman,this term dignifie the child from its birth,up to the age of seven years

How to teach good things to the children?

There are ten key characters you need to teach your child.

First of all,Curiosity

Social skills








Finally,Confidence and the like

As a good parent,everyone ought to teach and fill the children's mind with the good values

Not only teaching them but also train them in such values

In addition to this,Parents should be a role model for them

It is very much important for the growth of a child

Besides that,children of today are the pillars of tomorrow

Hence their role in our society is very essential

Happiness being with children:

People will forget all the worries of their life when they spend time with the children

Children are like angels

Hence spend time with kids and forget all your sorrows and worries

According to The Holy Bible,the children are the heritage from the Lord,offspring a reward from him

In addition to this, they Like arrows in the hands of a warrior are  children born in one's youth.

Quotes about children:

Franklin P Jones says,"You can learn many things from children.How much patience you have,for instance"

Children are so special

To sum up,encourage them,guide them in a good path that leads them to achieve success in their life.

Children Quotes

Not people ought to bear children towards the society is Reluctant to persist possibility in temperament and schooling
Children quotes 20
While people attempt to show the children all life, Our youngsters show us what life is towards
Children quotes 19
May what truly do move like a stream, Not driving and full speed ahead, how It is with children
Children quotes 18
The children require particular to cherish them For identity, not to invest entire energy attempting to address
Children quotes 17
Children are confounded nature, loaded with Characteristics and privileged insights
Children quotes 16
Children grew up to be the sort of individuals who Think enriching comprises part of building enough
Children quotes 15
To alarm children with the picture of agony Teach them women as a substandard creation for the world
Children quotes 14
Children might not realize anyone else easily Until the end of time clearing up things for them
Children quotes 13
Children must to learn how to survive life Not about to reduce the wealth of life
Children quotes 12
Children should be clever by reading and learning fantasies Where as they become cannier through gaining new fantasy enhancements
Children quotes 11
A child who sings, dances and jump is a happy child
children quotes 10
A mother without her child is like a body without bones.
children quotes 9
If I have the power to choose I would like to live Childhood again.
children quotes 8
Every successful and Giant man was first a child.
children quotes 7
Children are not the investment but it is spending.
children quotes 6
World without children is like a tree without fruits and flowers.
children quotes 5
The most active and acquiring mind is only a child.
children quotes 4
Old men may cause war but children cause peace.
children quotes 3
The most amazing moments of our life are during our childhood days.
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Children are the key to happiness which money can never buy.
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