Everyone in this world uses technology. There is no one without WhatsApp or Instagram account. Even if it is exam time students will use mobile. Even during in exam time students will upload exam motivation quotes as their status. It will boost them and they will prepare for exam seriously. Motivational quotes will help the students to prepare for other competitive exams like TNPSC, Group1, Group2, Group3, Group4, Bank exam etc. So, Motivational quotes are really helpful to school and college students because motivational quotes are mostly said by their favourite leaders. With the help of motivational quotes students can able to score high marks in their examinations. 


Wishing is a good and basic thing in our life. Certainly, wishing like All the best and Best of luck makes the students happy and it motivates the students to write their exams good and perfectly. Wishing like all the best and best of luck helps the students to increase their confidence level. With the high confidence level students can write exams well and it helps to score high marks. We can wish our friends, relatives and other persons. All the best quotes create positive vibes and it will stimulate us   to achieve our dreams.


Examination fear is common to all. Mostly school students are afraid about their exams, even 10th and 12th class students will have fear about their board exams and their results. Motivation quotes about exam will help the students to come out of the fear and it also helps the students to face the exams easily. Certainly you can forward motivation quotes for your friends and relatives through popular media like WhatsApp, Instagram etc. Exam quotes motivates the students to face other exams like CA [Charted Accountant], CMA [Cost and Management Accounting].


Some students will have more fear on exam and they will prepare seriously for the exam. At that time, you can send some funny quotes about exam it will relax them and it also motivates them. However funny quotes relax the students and it also helps to come out the fear. Undoubtfully, funny quotes will decrease the stress level of the students. Because of the student’s mindset exams are tough but really exams are easiest one in our life. Examination is not our life it is one of the parts of our life

Exam Quotes

School exams may test our knowledge but the exams that life takes actually tests our real ability.
Exam quotes 30
Every exam in our life might not go in our favour, hence we must focus on our efforts and not think about the outcome
Exam quotes 29
We should always prepare for every exam in such a way that it is our last exam
Exam quotes 28
The most important exam that life takes from us is when we are passing through the most difficult phase of our life
Exam quotes 27
A strong mind-set and constant hard work are the two factors that surely lead us to ace any exam in our life.
Exam quotes 26
An easy exam may give us good marks but a difficult exam will give us the real lesson and experience of life
Exam quotes 25
It’s not the failure in exams that hurts, rather it’s the fear of failing in exams that hurts the most.
Exam quotes 24
It’s considered ok to fail in exam but it’s never worth to cheat in exams and pass it.
Exam quotes 23
Cheating in exams is same as cheating yourself, your fortune and your future
Exam quotes 22
Exams are the only chance in our life to prove our ability and our worth
Exam quotes 21
Learning might not end with the exams But it continues throughout the life
Exam Quotes 20
Life as a exam, it’s a competition not within people But within the mind and soul
Exam Quotes 19
Exam should not be a theory to learn It’s just the practice to deal with life
Exam Quotes 18
Exam is to check your knowledge in the topic Not to judge your talent of action
Exam Quotes 17
The calmness is the key leads to success Not the nervousness makes better results
Exam Quotes 16
Exam is just a challenge to focus Not the final to compete
Exam Quotes 15
Ready for the exam that makes you grow Don’t quit in middle without patience
Exam Quotes 14
Life is an exam for everyone To do the exam well Better read your own chapters
Exam Quotes 13
Every exam of life starts and continues But never end in the quick way
Exam Quotes 12
Exam is not only for students but For all who born in this world of question paper
Exam Quotes 11
Life’s exam always helps us end in some learning and make us ready for the next higher exam
Exam Quotes 10
If you focus on learning, exam and result both are easily handled
Exam Quotes 9
Extraordinary students are those who have a belief system, which cannot be challenged by an unsatisfactory mark sheet
Exam Quotes 8
Mark sheets we receive after an exam is not the actual result. Actual result is what we believe
Exam Quotes 7
Prepare sincerely, appear fearlessly and expect positively – the exam result will end happily
Exam Quotes 6
As we should not start digging a well when we are thirsty, so should we not start preparing for exams at the last moment
Exam Quotes 5
We can only appear for the exam, that is our court, but the result is not in our control, as the examiner is different
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