Exam Quotes - Page 2

Exam is struggle, be bold and go through them boldly.
Exam Quotes 121
In life we clear several exams to live happily.
Exam Quotes 120
Exams are tough but the good part is that they make you capable of facing tough.
Exam Quotes 119
You are a fighter and not a quitter. You can do it. All the best for your exams
Exam Quotes 118
Keep going, you can do it. Best of luck for exam
Exam Quotes 117
Work in silence and surprise everyone who teased you
Exam Quotes 116
You have no idea on how capable you are
Exam Quotes 115
You cannot succeed until you act what you think
Exam Quotes 114
Tonnes of hard work, struggle and lack of sleep. This is the situation of every student before exams
Exam Quotes 113
When exams arrive, it can make the nights sleepless for students
Exam Quotes 112
Exams only measure your knowledge, not your success in life
Exam Quotes 111
The struggle you put up today can become the victory tomorrow
Exam Quotes 110
Keep learning, no one can take it away from you
Exam Quotes 109
There are no shortcuts for success, work hard and score well
Exam Quotes 108
If you can find a solution rather than to find excuses, then you can succeed in life
Exam Quotes 107
Work hard and dream high. All the best for your exams
Exam Quotes 106
Never give up if you fail, it is just a beginning
Exam Quotes 105
Winners shall never quit until and unless they succeed in life
Exam Quotes 104
Failure is a part of life; it can make you even stronger
Exam Quotes 103
Exams are like girlfriend, highly complicated and difficult to understand
Exam Quotes 102
The only difficult exam that you shall deal with is your own life
Exam Quotes 101
You have worked hard preparing for your exams, now its time to prove its worth
Exam Quotes 100
Hoping for it is useless until you work for it
Exam Quotes 99
Exam is not only about grades; it is about what you have learnt
Exam Quotes 98
Brain works every second, except when we need it during exams
Exam Quotes 97
Exam is just to test your knowledge, its not the end of your life
Exam Quotes 96
It’s ok if you succeed or fail in your exam
Exam Quotes 95