Best Study Quotes For Students To Be Successful

Children are the bliss of life, no child get mould without school and teachers - study quotes

Study Quotes

What is study?

Study means the devotion of time and attention to gaining knowledge of an academic subjects especially by means of books.

It is the act of learning and spending time in discovering information or an academic work or an investigation.

According to business Dictionary, it is the systematic research,examination,identification and understanding of the aspects or factors associated with the activity .

There are many types of studies and one among them is Research study. 

This kind of study is a scientific way to improve or develop new methods of health care and some other.

As a student, one  must study everyday and everything in order to gain knowledge and to get more marks in their school days and in the college days too.

Besides studying,one must learn something about everything.

In like manner,learning is a process which continues till our death.

A genius or a polymath is a one who is very intelligent and only interests in studying

It is the most common as well as the dangerous habit among the student is, Mug upping the lesson without understanding them.

In some cases it may lead to Psychological problems of a student.

The saddest part of studying a lot of matters is, sometimes the students forget even the name of their parents.

If you ask the name of the parents to such students they will tell the things what they have studied in the textbook.

These problems are more common in India

Study makes bright and clever:

Studies help the students to go to the next level of their life. It helps them to earn money and the name to their parents. .

Ericsson's research has a fairly ground breaking conclusion which is practice, not potential, defines our ability.

In this modern world, the smart work has a large number of votes than hard work.

 It works only in some cases.

It is a well-known and the most popular saying,"There is no substitute for hard work" Yes! It is absolutely true. 

If you want to cherish in your life, you should work hard in you school days which is the base for college.

And then you have to get into the job.

Learning a new language may improve the people's thinking. 

In addition to this ,it will also help to promote memory abilities and research thinking etc..of a people.

Study quotes about students and teachers:

Socrates, the great philosopher of his age defines," Education is the Kindling of a flame,not the filling of a vessel". 

By comparison he adds," The greatest lesson I have learned in life is that I still have a lot to learn". 

Like a coin has two sides, studies also has its own merits and demerits.

school as well as college students should have the  knowledge about them

And they should tackle them as cool as a cucumber. Then only they can learn a lot.

Study Quotes

Zero excuses, Zero delays! Consistency, dedication and devotion and the success is all yours.
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There are no shortcuts to success, get up, set yourself to study and go chase your dreams!
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Don’t get tired, your Struggle and hard work will definitely pay off one day!
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Never give up on your dreams, stay focused and keep growing until the best is achieved
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Study hard to achieve your goals, and be at the top
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Knowledge, perseverance and dedication will always fetch you the best out of your life.
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Want to be successful? Want to reach the peak? get up, have a coffee and study hard until you make it.
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Late night sessions with your books will prove out to be more worthy one day than the useless night outs
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You deserve to be a champion. Study, hustle, achieve it and the world is yours
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Keep polishing your intelligence until it shines the best
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