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The Teacher is the only person To gives all his wealth to others Yet having full of prosperity within
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Without teachers, society is Just a vast dusky ground Only the existence of teachers Makes the colorful flower bunch of society
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Education is not a business Keep it in mind Education creates more profession In the business-minded society Stop treating educating as business
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A person who teaches the answer For every question of the student Might have the place of everyone’s heart As a heroic image – Teacher
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In a normal life every guidance Have to stop at some situation But the one pursue the guidance Till the last breath is Teacher
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Excellent teacher teaches Life as a good lesson Not only the book for learning
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A good teacher is an ideal example For every change Occurred among the students To change the idle society
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The talent within the learner Might be the great attraction For the teacher to let The student’s valuable learning
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The teacher is the person Not only to educate the mind of the learner But to inculcate kindness to the heart
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The perfect teacher is no one But the self-thought, to create The mind to be tolerant and grateful
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A teacher stands for fifty minutes only for a student, to make him stand in his life.
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Also rememeber this is 21st Century Gadgets can’t guide properly a student in a right way as teacher does.
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Teachers show a path to world which should be made by a students.
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Famous personalities are inspired by only from their teachers.
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I could recollect all the school memories especially which I had with my teachers. All those are endless and unforgettable in everyone’s life.
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Sometimes teachers are the companion of students and friend of students.
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"Teacher: Hey Kiddo, what were you saying while I’m taking class? Me: Every student is the best teacher for a teacher."
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"A decade ago: A good teacher is determined by his/her way of teaching. Now: A good teacher is determined by his/her letting a free hour(sarcastic)."
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Everyone says, teacher, shape us but they don’t they moisture us to mould ourselves.
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Teachers are not only those who teach us for a certificate, but they also teach us how to survive in this society.
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