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Book quotes

A book is a written work consisting of pages where we can learn a lot of things around the world.

Similarly, it is a physical object and a stack of usually rectangular pages with one edge tied.

Karl Morgenstern first used the term books in his university lectures in the year 1819.

Johannes Gutenberg of Germany invented books after the invention of Printing press during the renaissance.

Ancient Egyptians used the material Papyrus ( kind of reed) in the banks of the Nile river. 

The initial origin of books are in the form of  codex and scrolls

To repeat, Scrolls were from papyrus and from fragile.

Book production is an essential part of professional publishing.

The oldest book in the world is The Holy Bible

John Gutenberg did this great job. In India, Segan Paul introduced The Bible.

The history of books starts with the development of writing.

A pack of knowledge is in the books. Furthermore, you can learn about yourself in the book.

Developing critical thinking skills is the principal motto of the books as well as the primary benefit of it.

To sum up, Germans are the people who give more importance to books

Famous books and authors

Here I want to show the important books and their authors.

Book reading helps you promote the knowledge as well as the ability to handle the problems in life.

Besides that, it reduces stress.

It will give you confidence. To put it another way, it will help you to improve the language.

1.True colors - Adam Gilchrist

2.The God of Small Things - Arundhati Roy

3.Lowland-Jhumpa Lahiri

4.India at Risk-Jaswant Singh

5.War and Peace-Leo Tolstoy and the like.

.Leo Tolstoy, Jk Rowling, Barbara Cartland, Harold Robbins are the best sellers of their respective books.

Among them, Barbara Cartland is the leading person who sells the books to one Billion copies.

The best English writers after Shakespeare are as follows,

1.William Blake

2.Geoffrey Chaucer

3.Charles Dickens

4.George Eliot

5.John Milton

6.George Orwell as well as

7.Harold Pinter and the more

A habit of reading books

Reading is an awesome habit which is a boredom-buster that can improve your memory. In fact, it will keep you away from bad thoughts and all.

We can develop this kind of habit by reading just for a few minutes.

It is one of the best qualities that everyone should possess.

It is better than having a lot of random habits.

Like a coin has two sides, reading not only has its merits but also its demerits.

First of all, speed reading is a habit not suitable if you do not master it.

Second, reading in poor light.

Third, reading the end first

Fourth, reading in poor posture such as while lying in bed

Fifth, judging a book by its cover 

Sixth, reading books more than a book at a time.

These are the second face of having the habit of reading books.

Benefits in reading books

First and the foremost value is, it adds up your knowledge. A person without knowledge in the society will like a fish out of the water.

Second, it enhances the imagination power

Third, helps you to set the mood

Fourth, it improves vocabulary and grammar as well.

Finally, Enhance writing and speaking skills and the like.

" You cannot buy happiness but you can buy books and that is kind of the same thing". To conclude, everyone should nurture the habit of reading in a limited manner.

" Too much of anything is good for nothing" is an old saying. Let us read and make our society civilized as well as the cultured one.

Book Quotes

My only best friend is books which never betray humans.
Book Quotes 45
Allow yourself to fail, failure a stepping stone, learn and move on
Book Quotes 44
I’ve learned faith from books, books Is my family who supports me in everything
Book Quotes 43
Live your life don’t compare because you’ve more power, books a healer
Book Quotes 42
I wanna thankful in every seconds because I have book to celebrate
Book Quotes 41
Books change me, books give me a life which I didn’t imagine
Book Quotes 40
Once I’m stressed books a remedy
Book Quotes 39
One day a small steps become a big, take little steps to read and learn
Book Quotes 38
Every author was once a reader, don’t forget to read a single page everyday
Book Quotes 37
I wanna know the world, I wanna learn everyday, reading makes me satisfied
Book Quotes 36
In a million books I love to spend on the book which I love
Book Quotes 35
Reading develops mind make us fight for our dreams
Book Quotes 34
There’s something to be grateful everyday and to learn something new
Book Quotes 33
My confidence is the books which I love, reading a joy
Book Quotes 32
A single positive Thinking in a day make you unique
Book Quotes 31
A good book gives the lessons which is necessary to face the world
Book Quotes 30
Read for no reason because reading makes you happy
Book Quotes 29
Read a lot to know more and to understand the people’s true color
Book Quotes 28
A good book gives good knowledge, a knowledge improves a person to better
Book Quotes 27
A good book, a cup of tea and a peaceful morning is enough to be happy
Book Quotes 26
I never failed before anyone if I have a good motivational book
Book Quotes 25
Every book teaches something new there’s something to learn
Book Quotes 24
I think soulful reading is good than mindful
Book Quotes 23
I love reading books that uplift my soul
Book Quotes 22
Reading makes a full man, A good book changes a person
Book Quotes 21
Beginning is always the hardest but once you begin you’ll be unstoppable
Book Quotes 20
If you want to change the world, read it write it and learn it, keep doing new things everyday
Book Quotes 19