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Dance what it means dancing?

Dance is a form of art in which our body moves in coordination with music. Dance is called an art as it satisfies the two senses of humankind.

People call it a talent ,a skill or an expression of feeling. But dance is something which comes out when all these three combine together.

Dance asks just for two things and they are energy and love towards it.

Everybody is not a born dancer, their love makes them a dancer. Dance becomes admirable when it is presented in a controlled manner.

”The essence of all art is to have pleasure in giving pleasure”.

Dance as a stress reliever

It is proven that group dancing can reduce stress level of people to it’s maximum.

The relaxation which a person gets when he dances alone in a room cannot be explained and so is group dancing.

We start relaxing ourselves, relaxation gives us patience, patience gives a better understanding and that keeps a full stop to the increasing stress level. So, dance can also be called a doctor.

”We dance for hours but get tired after running for two minutes”.

People don’t just dance, they perform, they perform, they breathe, they watch the world disappear, they realize their feelings, they lead with their heart, they tear down the wall, they let go everything and smile.”

Dance is the only action in which our heart and brain won’t fight when they do it”.

Importance of dancing

When people dance they find their original style and attitude. It would change the way they walk, the way they look and the way they behave.

Not only sport makes a person sportive but also dance does it. When a person feels shy to dance, he just has to put a half way effort and the remaining will be done by dance itself.

The easiest way to learn life lessons is through dance.

That is you get rejected for it, you get humiliated because of it and at last you will be taken to a different stage by it. But we should never stop doing what we love.

Dance teaches us an important life lesson and that is “JUST DANCE THROUGH ALL THE UPS AND DOWNS OF LIFE” .Yes ,we can’t fly because we don’t have wings just find the way to fly through dance. 

Dance Quotes

When life gives you lime, make it lime juice, when life makes you dance, dance on your own tune.
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Learn the skill of dancing in childhood itself, this life of yours will make you dance on its own tune every now and then.
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Be a dancer, not a puppet on the stage of your life.
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Dance is that devotion in which when you dive, you know nothing but only dance.
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Dance is a mix of passion and emotion. Every posture, every rhythm gives freedom to show your abilities.
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Attune your life to the music you want to dance on.
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You still dance on the raining streets of my heart, where even today no one walks.
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Watching the starry nights dancing in the light of the fireflies, the night queen smiles in the hope of the youth.
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Dance is not just an art, it's a feeling.
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You don't just need two legs to dance, but a heart full of love.
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