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Dog Quotes

Dog - Mankind's Best Friend 

How wonderful is it to have an amazing friend by your side?

Someone who is overjoyed at your arrival and would even jump on You, with uncontrolled excitement?

Someone who sits by your side, at all your sad-lonely times.

Someone who listens to your stories and lame jokes without interrupting!

Someone who would not hurt you ever!

Someone who loves you unconditionally and infinitely;

Someone who would play with you, or someone who could be your companion on your morning jogs!

And someone who could never dump you nor forget You!

Most importantly, someone who could even give His life for you!

Wow, doesn't all these describe an ideal friend?

Yes, You guessed it right!

But just that I forget to tell you, I'm talking about my four-legged, paw friend! Dogs are the best friends for life...Dog Quotes About Friendship


What or Who can be better than these absolute sweethearts?

Dogs, obviously, are the best friends humans could ever have, 

And let me tell you why.

Your dog is the only friend that lives its life entirely for You. Its priority is to love and only love You! No human friend would ever do that for You, nor is it fair to expect!

But lucky are we to have these lovely creatures in our lives! Check out the amazing Short Quotes on Dogs to literally fall in love with dogs.

Having a Dog at home

Have You ever had a dog at home?

If yes, then You know how awesome your life is.

Every morning, waking up with licks on your face to times in her extreme effort to wake You.

The early morning walks with your pet, playing doggy games, feeding his/her favorite crunches, dressing your dog with clothes that don't fit You, Sharing your birthday cakes with your dog - All these become a part of your life, without You even realizing it.

This is how Dogs become family. Quotes on dogs about family.

I'd sometimes say Dogs are far superior to Humans;

And why do I claim so?

Faithful. Loyal. Forever Friend

They have no selfishness, they are not egoistic, they are not malicious, they don't lie and what not?

At times, they understand You better than people. There could be no better examples of loyalty than dogs. There is a saying 'Dog is the only thing on earth that loves you more than You love yourself'.

They are so faithful and their love is so genuine that they could even give their lives for You.

"Give your heart to a Dog, It'll never break it"

Some people like dog as a pet and enjoy keeping him at home. They are very sharp and good friend of yours. They understand sign language and act accordingly.


Dogs are very faithful animals on earth. They are too much attached with the masters and feel sad if master is ill. It is a watchman of the house. They are very alert.


Dogs are very faithful to their masters. They are very sharp animal. You can train them and there are dog show organised by clubs and there you can see different dogs.


Dogs are very faithful to their masters, owners. You can train them ae per your way. Now there is a competition for dogs and we also enjoy such.


The most trusted beings in this world which will always by your side even when you throw them out are dogs.


Dogs are gods of saying that you don't need to be really good to be loved just be a little good.


Dogs can understand us better than anyone else


Loyalty is the another name of dogs.