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Joker Quotes

The literal meaning of joker is a person who is fond of making jokes.

There are three jokers,

First of all, an Original joker who is a killer as well as a thief.

Second, Silver age joker ( clown prince of crime)

Finally, Killing Joke inspired joker( Homicidal sociopath)

The joker is a supervillain  character

The three people, Bill Finger, Bob Kane, Jerry Robinson created the character of a joker. And Bill is a writer of a joker.

Movies and TV shows include,

1.Suicide Squad



4.Batman as well as

5.The Animated Series and the like.

Characteristics of a Joker:

The publisher of a joker is DC Comics.

In comic book appearances, the joker portrays as a criminal mastermind as well as a psychopath.

Later this character became a goofy prankster in the 1950s according to Comics Code Authority.

The most common story involves him falling into a tank of chemical waste which bleaches his skin white.

And turns his hair green and lips bright red.

The Joker did not have any superhuman ability. But he uses his talents in chemical Engineering wherein he develops poisonous or lethal substances.

Those substances include,

1.Razor-tipped playing cards

2.deadly joy buzzers

3.Acid-spraying lapel flowers and the like

The Joker sometimes works with other people like Penguin and Two-face who are the supervillain of the city of Gotham.

These relationships may often result in collapse mainly because of Joker’s desire for unbridled chaos

In like manner, Joker has also fought other heroes including Superman and Wonder woman.

How does Joker got his scars?

There are many different reasons for the scars on the cheeks of Joker.

First of all, his father gives him the cuts on his cheek as a child. 

His father not only gives the scars to his son but also to his wife.

Hence, he adds up the famous line," Why so serious?"

And this quote becomes more popular among the people.

In like manner, Rachel Dawes who is a Wife of Joker gets the scars due to an accident.

So, he cuts his own cheek with a razor to prove that the scars do not matter.

To Repeat, the nature of Joker is a chaotic wanting " to watch the World Burn.

Besides that, it is the alignment of chaotic Evil.

There is no true or exact origin of a joker in any media.

Why we take Joker as a good example?

In short, People love Joker because of the meme circulating on Facebook and the like.

There are five leadership qualities that we can learn from the character of Joker.

First of all, the ability to motive

Second, Equal opportunities employer

Third, Working with the Team

Fourth, Making work Fun

Finally, Delegation and trust.

Joker quotes

"Stop looking for perfection because no one is perfect. Even Dettol kills 99.9% of germs" is one of the most famous quotes by Joker.

Joker quotes is a mixture of fun, happy, delight, sorrow as well as many innermost feelings of a person.

To sum up, Joker is one of the most appreciable and favorite persons for everyone.

To put it another way, one should not take the bad characters from the Jokers instead of the good ones.

In circus jokers role us very important and kids love to watch his actions. Husband clothes are also different and people like such clothing and actions.


Joker's they make such faces and because of it people laugh. It is very nice to have jokers in circus and children they laugh on them.


Joker in the circus makes people laugh. It is his role of entertaining people who are coming to watch the circus. His character is very important.


If didn't understand the situation or conversation be a joker in that, you will understand fully what situation it will be.


Sometimes be a joker in your relationship. At that time you will come to know actual role of yours in your relationship.


Joker is someone who makes you think that you are winning all the time, while the real winner is he the Joker.


Smile like a lunatic and see people be afraid of your joy.


The joker is a really messed up person who makes you laugh while cheating you.


You can never tell if a joker's smile is real or fake.


Joker's are the most harmless yet so dangerous, they make you laugh with the evilest shit you can imagine.


Being a joker in many situation is better than the cheater.


If your friends are thinking that your joker, try to be joker in front of them. It is waste of time to prove in front of them that your are not a joker.


Do you know why a Joker says," The show must go on" ? Because if he stopped, millions of smiles would be gone.


Entertain others which you get place in heaven ❤️


Putting a smile on the face is like a habit.


Don't do things at a free of cost, otherwise it becomes a habit.


Smiling is the permanent solution of tension.


Joker is the person who make us laugh even if he has sad. He makes us so much happy with his tricks that we forget our sadness. Let's have happy life for him


There is nothing wrong with wanting to see a gun But don't shoot the bullet!


What is superstition, Dad? Can I believe you will pass this time !!


Anuko is not wrong in loving the girl, Anuko who loves more than everyone else is not wrong. But I love their mother more than my father Even your mother and grandfather do not believe .. Anything! What a sample! Like the humility you showed me for bridal looks !!


There is a big difference between the hero and the joker, there is a big impact in the stumbling block of failures.


The truth is not that people change, the truth is that people get off their masks.


All my life, I have become a clown, after you, my life has become a circus.


I do not want to be an ace to dictate, neither we are the queen or the king, the clown is good, in whose luck we will turn around.


Always making people laugh,always making their hearts cheerful,jokers are the best people I know


"Jokers are not the human, they are the life charger. There existence makes our life happy and exciting. They have unbelievable power of teaching us how to live a wonderful life."