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Minion Quotes

What is a Minion?

The Minions are small, yellow, cylindrical creatures, who have one or two eyes. They are the signature characters of the Despicable Me series.

They bring much of the comedy in the film, and they are known as the scene-stealer of the movie. Frequently, they speak in an incomprehensible language, called Minionese, occasionally switching to English.

They are very childish in some ways, yet they seem to be very intelligent in certain aspects.

All the minions are minor characters in Minions (with the exception of Kevin, Stuart, and Bob)

Who created minions?

Eric Guillon is credited with Character Design for the Minions. He likely drew them under the direction of Pierre Coffin while working for Mac Guff, a French animation company later acquired by Illumination Entertainment, owned and exclusively distributed by Universal Studios.

There exists several early concept drawing of the minions' characters on Google image search with his signature attached, as well as an interview in which he states that he is most proud of his design of the minion's characters.

He was recently promoted with a co-director credit for Despicable Me 3, likely due to the fact that he is largely uncredited with creating the art behind the Minions themselves.

It's possible he gave up all rights to claim the creation of the minions due to contractual issues.

Are Minions Humans?

Minions are not humans, but Minions could be 'descendants of humans' minions are man-made, man designed creatures who entertain the children.

These minions have an attractive yellow color and big eyes which mostly attract everyone including the teenagers. these minions are very fond of bananas. The voice of the minions just tempt children to see it. 

Minions attract people through their dance and singing. Minions have their own language called minions. minions are cartoons which attract children's attention nowadays.


Dighe Tejashri Rajaram

2021-03-16 17:26:20

Minions are so pure hearted that they can kill you for a banana­čśé.


Khaja Imran mohiuddin

2021-03-17 22:27:46

I am happy to be happy for life.


Lipika Naskar

2021-05-24 23:55:17

"MINIONS are the real treasures of our society as they make our society neat and clean by their selfless works. So, we have to be believe in their character and we also have to be trust them."


Navneet Kaur

2021-05-28 22:08:27

The thing i like the most in minions is their chilling out nature. The way through which they enjoy their life is appreciable. They are just mind blowing.


Lipika Naskar

2021-05-30 23:35:10

"MINION are the most craziest thing of the world and it still kicking."


Lipika Naskar

2021-05-30 23:37:41

"Describe your own life and laughing out lots."