Quotes on Music

Music gives a soul to the Universe, wings to the mind, flight to the imagination and life to everything.

Words can never be enough to describe Music, as Music is just not to hear and talk about but to feel.

Music doesn't have any particular meaning instead every single piece of music conveys umpteen number of meanings. Music quotes on love and emotions.

Music seeps through our ears and touches our soul giving us a pleasant tint of relief.

Music's purpose is to express and modulate emotions. Music is something that arises from the soul and speaks even without words. 

Delineate Music?

Every one would hold a different definition for music.

You give a piece of music to different persons and it would provoke different emotions in each one.

The same music could make you sad and the same can make you dance..it Kindles emotions. Feelings music quotes.

Music is everywhere from the chirping of birds in the dawn to the shattering of rain drops to bangs of thunderstorms during a cloudburst, endless splashing of waves by the seashore, to the howling of wolves and hooting of owls everything is Music.

Nature is closely bonded with music and music is closely bonded with nature. Drench in our nature music quotes. 

Music Boon!

Music Makes You Happier. Study says that when you listen to music, our brain releases a chemical element called dopamine, it is a "feel-good" neurotransmitter. Listening to music always makes our mind pleasant.

And in that way music makes us Happier. Gaze through these Short Music Quotes on Happiness

Music Reduces Depression. Almost everyone suffer from depression, and research says 90% of the people suffer from insomnia and music helps people reduce stress and tension.

Listening to music makes us tranquil. The next time when you feel low, play some music to lift up your spirits.

Music Strengthens Your Focus. Music helps us focus on various things, it elevates your mood while driving at nights especially, Music strengthens learning and memory.

Music has been an important instrument in Teaching right from our Kindergarten classes, we were all thought rhymes as initiations to our learning. 

Music Reduces Pain. Music always help people when they are hurt. It helps us sleep better. Music always connects us with memories, every music brings us good old memories that we cherish. Music even makes us fall in love. Music Quotes of Love.

" Where words leave off, Music begins…"

Music Quotes

Music is like food, it keeps you alive, and Always gives you pleasure
Music quotes 42
Music is related to your life in every Different aspect of life.
Music quotes 41
Music can save you from this cruel World , it gives you inner peace
Music quotes 40
Different kinds of music remind you Different kind of life moments.
Music quotes 39
You can forget anything except music, it Always stays in your heart.
Music quotes 38
Music is like humans, everyone has a different Taste
Music quotes 36
Music is something that you can never get Bored of.
Music quotes 35
Music is like a panacea, it can cure all thing.
Music quotes 34
Music is like an adventure, just get into it.
Music quotes 33
Every stress have a common cure, that is music
Music quotes 32
If you have to choose between life and music, Choose music, it’ll automatically give you life.
Music quotes 31
Living in a natural musical environment can increase the quality of our life.
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Music can act as a catalyst both for a calm and agitated mind, depending on the type of music played.
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Even babies can distinguish the sweetness of music and respond to it.
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The heart bits have their own music or rhythm.
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Life is music, only for those who feel it.
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Music has a direct relation to our heart beat.
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Nature has its own music, which many of us fail to listen to.
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Music helps to change mood.
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One who does not love music, is a dangerous human being.
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Music has a special impact on our life.
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Words may have differences in structure But music has the only structure Named ‘emotions
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Life is a blank page Without music If you want to fill your story Be in touch with music
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Not all the people can understand The words but The music reaches everyone Without any blunder
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In an every exhausting day Music lets everyone live And guiding to lead the journey
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Let your life to be the brook Like music because The flow will lead you to the destiny
music quotes 16
In every unsatisfied life of people The only thing letting as life is music At least in a dream
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