Quotes on Music

Music gives a soul to the Universe, wings to the mind, flight to the imagination and life to everything.

Words can never be enough to describe Music, as Music is just not to hear and talk about but to feel.

Music doesn't have any particular meaning instead every single piece of music conveys umpteen number of meanings. Music quotes on love and emotions.

Music seeps through our ears and touches our soul giving us a pleasant tint of relief.

Music's purpose is to express and modulate emotions. Music is something that arises from the soul and speaks even without words. 

Delineate Music?

Every one would hold a different definition for music.

You give a piece of music to different persons and it would provoke different emotions in each one.

The same music could make you sad and the same can make you dance..it Kindles emotions. Feelings music quotes.

Music is everywhere from the chirping of birds in the dawn to the shattering of rain drops to bangs of thunderstorms during a cloudburst, endless splashing of waves by the seashore, to the howling of wolves and hooting of owls everything is Music.

Nature is closely bonded with music and music is closely bonded with nature. Drench in our nature music quotes. 

Music Boon!

Music Makes You Happier. Study says that when you listen to music, our brain releases a chemical element called dopamine, it is a "feel-good" neurotransmitter. Listening to music always makes our mind pleasant.

And in that way music makes us Happier. Gaze through these Short Music Quotes on Happiness

Music Reduces Depression. Almost everyone suffer from depression, and research says 90% of the people suffer from insomnia and music helps people reduce stress and tension.

Listening to music makes us tranquil. The next time when you feel low, play some music to lift up your spirits.

Music Strengthens Your Focus. Music helps us focus on various things, it elevates your mood while driving at nights especially, Music strengthens learning and memory.

Music has been an important instrument in Teaching right from our Kindergarten classes, we were all thought rhymes as initiations to our learning. 

Music Reduces Pain. Music always help people when they are hurt. It helps us sleep better. Music always connects us with memories, every music brings us good old memories that we cherish. Music even makes us fall in love. Music Quotes of Love.

" Where words leave off, Music begins…"

Music Quotes

Words may have differences in structure But music has the only structure Named ‘emotions
music quotes 20
Life is a blank page Without music If you want to fill your story Be in touch with music
music quotes 19
Not all the people can understand The words but The music reaches everyone Without any blunder
music quotes18
In an every exhausting day Music lets everyone live And guiding to lead the journey
music quotes 17
Let your life to be the brook Like music because The flow will lead you to the destiny
music quotes 16
In every unsatisfied life of people The only thing letting as life is music At least in a dream
music quotes 15
Music is the desire In everybody’s life To bring the self Out of Comfort zone
music quotes 14
A man realizes the self Only through music Yeah music is the Moral way to find The alone self
music quotes 13
Music turns every mistake of life Into learning Music is the only way to train the mind
music quotes 12
Music engages the soul which is the key to Creativity and enhancement And soul gets relief only with music
music quotes 11
Will you be the chapter of my life. I wish to read out loud with romantic background music in the last stage of my life.
music quotes 10
Happy mood describes the music and sad mood describes the lyrics.
music quotes 9
Love music because it takes out from your mind for a while.
music quotes 8
The music took birth,within the deep sorrows of blue ink.
music quotes 7
Inhale Music and Exhale anxiety.
music quotes 6
Sometimes music heal your pain when you really missing someone and couldn’t even tell them.
music quotes 5
Music my fuel, the mystery behind woods and solitude.
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"She was the lyrics, He was the music, But the song remained uncomposed."
music quotes 3
Those dormant wounds,then finally bled,and the pain felt like music.
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"When I asked you which is your choice? Music or Dance? You argued it all started with a heartbeat. I argued it all started with a sway of the leaf in the wind."
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