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Nature Quotes

The Beauty of Nature

Nature is the greatest gift of God to mankind indeed the most beautiful one. I

f you're willing to slow down and be open to it, there's a great deal that you can learn from Nature.

From even the new small leaves, to the old large trees. They're all great teachers in some way.

If you have a doubt about what it teaches, then here is something to lighten you.

When you look at the waves, it teaches you how one should try to reach the shore. When you look at the wind, it teaches you how one should never care about the hindrances that stay on the way.

It teaches how one should pass through it swiftly.

" My wish is to stay always like this, living quietly in a corner of nature."-Claude Manet

 How the Nature brings out happiness ?

 Imagine a Dawn, waking up in the midst of woods with birds chirping above and smelling the freshness of the air.

Yes, Forest is nature's prized possession. They are for the rest of the world.

Nature quotes about forest, Nature quotes about waterfalls and quotes about Flowers makes us grateful for this beautiful planet we get to call home.

Gaze through some Flower quotes for a burst of motivation and to feel more connected to nature.

The uniqueness of each flower, the different fragrance do make us feel so pleasant and lifts up our moods.

Why Nature is so important ?

To know how important nature is to mankind, one should think of a world without nature. Precisely,that's what you see when you close your eyes. Big or small, everything that surrounds us is some part of the nature.

So, that's how important it is! From the early morning sun, the food that we eat, the water that we drink, dress that we wear, paper that we write on.

In fact, nature is everything and everything is nature or some form of it!

Quotes on Nature.

Each of us have a different connection with nature. Some have a stronger bond and some not so much. But Nature loves everybody ,

it is never partial. "Nature never did betray the heart that loved her" says Wordsworth.

These nature quotes will make you feel amazed about being outside, and not with gadgets.

Nature Quotes

Strong, brave, honest and be wise Learn from nature, see with your eyes Heaven’ beauty here it lies
nature quotes 20
We see ourselves crystal and clear Upset mood turns glad and cheer Gone are sorrows when nature is near
nature quotes 19
Step carefully on withered leaves Once, tired beneath them You had a sound sleep
nature quotes 18
Lap of clouds and mountain’s arm Nature’s love is pure and warm
nature quotes 17
We don’t get mother nature’s rebuke But can’t escape when we mistook
nature quotes 16
Nature’s center lies everywhere, it’s boundary lies that is nowhere
nature quotes 15
Be like tree, tolerant and patient Time’s passage brings sweet fruit And strong enough in deep root
nature quotes 14
Hues from flowers, heights from trees Smile from birds, flow like breeze There is a lot in nature to teach
nature quotes 13
There must be something peculiar in bird Getting winds company over the clouds Without saying even a single word
nature quotes 12
Peaks taught to rise, waves taught to be high Failure or success, smile or cry Leave all behind, you just fly
nature quotes 11
You tell me to describe nature! But how can I put down the universe in a verse?
nature quotes 10
Stars That shine bright and wise They look upon our moving lives.
nature quotes 9
The weather may change, So may the ages of time. The lack of constant, Is the nature of life.
nature quotes 8
Those fluffy, pretty foam floaters Way up in the sky. makes my day gorgeous and Makes me wanna fly.
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We need a grain of sand, for the universe to exist, hence the significance of being insignificant.
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Close thy eyes Hear the rustling green Feel the moving sea Breath in, let your heart lean.
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The wind blows The sea howls The sun glows While time slows, Slows down to a stand still.
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The more you observe, the more you are in awe! God's creation is perfect, No place for a flaw!
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When we mimic nature, using our skills, It is the nature of nature, To bloom everywhere it instills
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Sailing is never easy, The wind takes its share. Being steady in all weathers, is a drift so fair and rare.
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