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Picture Quotes

“A picture can tell a thousand words, but a few words can change its story.” ― Sebastian Young

We may need many words to express what we feel or whatever in our minds. But pictures have the ability to show everything that we need to convey. A picture can be either an art or a captured one.

Picture definition

“A picture is the expression of an impression. If the beautiful were not in us, how would we ever recognize it?” - Ernst Haas

The words we talk, and the things we did may change but, the picture which is captured will remain the same. It is the actual form of the things that we see.

Pictures are the best way to keep memories that are close to heart. From birth to death, every picture we capture plays an important role in holding memories. 

Even when we lose someone or miss someone, the pictures of them will give us a feeling of togetherness.

The good picture - Tips

“I think that’s the strength of photography - to decide the decisive moment, to click at the moment to come up with a picture that never comes back again.” - Rene Burri

A good picture must communicate the viewers, what kind of emotion is being shown. Before taking any picture it matters the subject, good lighting, and the composition. 

The background is most important while taking pictures. Choose a neat background that gives your picture a nice effect.

Obviously, focusing plays a vital role and so it should also be good. Use frames and fill in the frames accordingly. 

Picture quotes

“Seeing the bigger picture opens your eyes to what is the truth.” - Wadada Leo Smith

Picture quotes are specially for picture lovers. Everyone has their own goals whereas some people love taking pictures and being models of pictures.

We have collections of picture quotes that will definitely help you in bringing and expressing your love for pictures. 

Pictures are very good to keep memories ,it give us best feelings , someone loves more to take pictures and adventure . " Take pictures for memory Keep them in your album as a treasure ".


Picture elevate the memories , picture is the only thing which makes our memories stronger . " Save pictures for future to remember family's stories ".


Picture can recall our memories , pictures are best friends when we are alone . " We can talk with pictures and recall past ".


A picture is a moment holding a million memories isn't it beautiful...


A picture tells you a story your mind can imagine, everybody sees a different story.


picture should always describe your inner happiness and truth, picture should show what you are real by seeing it.


Pictures have special place in our heart because eyes capture the moments and Pictures carry memories 💖


Pictures are the copy of mirror


pictures doesn't lie. It can capture the truth even better than our brain.