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Rain Quotes


"People become like peacock

They love to dance in the rain"

What is Rain?

Rain is water in the form of droplets. It is the major component of the water cycle. It cleanses the earth and gives fresh water. It is an essential mode of water to the earth.

"The most pleasing touch

Which sanitize the Earth

Rejoices the species

Delights the Flora

Glorifies the Fauna."

Happiness when rain comes.

"Happiest people dance in the rain. 

Saddest people cry in the rain.

Strong people walk against the rain.

Weak people sit in the rain."

Rain is a legacy to everyone. It has its own mode and different type of contribution to everyone. It's ecstasy to people of all occupations, especially farmers.

Farmers are completely dependant towards rain. It becomes a life-and-death challenge for them without rain. Farmers welcome the rain and celebrate its arrival as a great event.

"Sing even if you have a horrible voice

Dance even if you don't know much steps

Play like you are the best player

Walk like you are the princess.

But do everything in the rain

Because if would encourage you in everything"

Rain plays an important role not only in the ecosystem but also in the lives of all. Rain is like a part of the family and friend. Rain is the most expressive source of nature. It responds to every action of humans.

"Let the rain kiss you. Let the rain beat upon your head with silver liquid drops. Let the rain sing you a lullaby" by Langston Hughes.

How to get more Rain?

"More plants make more rain"

Attracting rain is not an easy job like it is thought. The most effective way for the rain is to plant a large number of saplings.

A tree takes almost twenty to thirty years to grow completely and fully.

Planting a tree is like giving birth to a child. It is a long process but memorable span of time. Greenery can have a number of effects on a local climate.

Plants are thought to transfer moisture from the soil into the air by evaporation from their leaves, and hold water in the soil close to the surface, where it can evaporate. 

"Never cry in front of your 


They would use your emotional side,


It would hurt them,


He will console you,

Best friend

They will cry with you.

Cry in the rain

No one would see your tears.

The rain would cry with you

As well as console you."

Rain Quotes

Rain is the blessing shower of the almighty.
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The farmers' eyes sparkled with the signs of rain
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First rain after summer fills the heart with the fragrance of the wet soil.
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Nature is seen dancing with the rain showers
Rain Quotes 22
Rain acts as a catalyst to memories showers.
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Rain is the best season in the life of every couple.
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Parents who enjoyed the rain in their childhood, become the barrier for their children’s.
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Rain and childhood has a very deep relationship.
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Rain may be a blessing or curse depending of its quantum.
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Rain is the basis of life.
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Rain makes everything so beautiful, I mean just smell the mud and you will feel great.
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In rain people used to drained there negativity.
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Rain makes you keep smiling.
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I feel the smell of rain,drizzling down the green mountains,and the sweet presence of mother nature
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Fall in love with the rhythm of rain.
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When the rain water kissing the sand, we get a beautiful music which no musician can produce it.
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Every drop of rain that falls to the ground knows its destination that it has to go back whence it had come.
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One of the best fragrances in the world is one after the rain. The fragrance of the wet soil enlightens up your mood and that's when you feel relaxed and all geared up to face the world with a smile.
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Sitting near window, enjoying cup of tea while reading a book is the best scene, I want to create while raining.
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How much life we have left we don't know but the RAIN can make it full of rhythm and passionate.
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Listen to the sound of RAIN it will makes us falls for it due to it's charming and fluorescent nature.
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When RAIN falls on our face it feels like RAIN kissing us.
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Clouds are floating, winds are blowing, lightning are thundering but only RAIN can add colors to my colourless life.
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Mostly all love stories are started in the RAIN and continues in the RAINY DAYS.
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RAINS are the beauty of nature and nature are the beauty of RAINS.
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