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Ride Quotes

What does a ride mean?

It means to sit on something such as a bicycle,motorbike or a horse and travel along on it controlling its movements To illustrate,Take a situation.

If your boss always gives a lot of work to you,and you are sick of it. We can say it as,your boss is riding on you

It means to try to control someone and force them to work Besides,this term is very popular for animals 

Especially,the transportable animals such as Horse,Donkey and the like.

In some cases,it means a roller coaster,roundabout or any other amusement ride at a fair or at the amusement park.  There are many different definitions for this word

It is because of assumption of various people. Some of the explanations are as follows . First of all North American defines this term as a person giving a lift in a vehicle

Besides that Canadian mentions that a demonstration of horse riding as an entertainment . South African usually mentions this term for transport of goods

The common as well as simple definition is that vehicle which uses for transportation. And this process is riding

Riding with a friend:

We can ride with our friend around the streets in our leisure time. Not only this but also getting into the shop and grab some coffee or drink with friends or family is the best thing forever

Riding is complex and contradictory.It is a solitary experience. Riding a motorcycle gives you the feeling of freedom

You can enjoy nice sunny weather much more than an A/C car which encloses all the sides. And the machine sounds awesome

If you do not know how to ride,you will crash .In fact,it is more dangerous than anything.

Many parents have lost their sons only because of the improper bike riding on the road . Besides,riding bike with the consumption of alcohol

It is a famous saying,"Speed thrills but Kills" Yes! it is. 

Having proper driving insurance and well experience in riding motorcycles lead a person to have a safe ride.

Everyone should know these kinds of things before they get into riding In addition,it is the place where you are only with your bike

To put it another way,it is the place where you concentrate only on the road .We should have the safety first and speed next

Many Barricades are there for us to remain the value of our life

In that barricades,there are certain quotes like,"Do not drink and drive" and the like

If you are with your friend for a ride,make sure that you have enough safety before starting your bike

Life is a Ride:

To put it another way,people compares life to the bike ride. 

The following are the reasons for that,

First of all,you need to balance the life as well as the bike

Secondly,In the beginning you stumble,but with more experience you can really get far

Third,If you look at the ground instead of looking up,you will lose your balance and crash as well

Fourth,get up again.

You have to get up again and again to move further

In addition to this,it is also like roller coaster

It is because life has its own ups and downs

But the choice is in our hands to scream or enjoy the ride

To sum up,one should know how to manage the life and how to balance it as well

Without understanding the life,no one can survive on this Earth

Ride Quotes

When your lover is sitting behind you, Then the real taste starts to ride.
ride quotes 25
Every ride makes me feel gorgeous, I was born to ride
ride quotes 24
When happiness doesn't come from any side, Then surely it will come from a ride.
ride quotes 23
Ride is a passion, Every biker should have this emotion.
ride quotes 22
There is smoke blowing from the sand wherever I ride my bike
ride quotes 21
Who doesn't believe in standing after falling, Can't feel the adventure of ride.
ride quotes 20
A ride with me makes you feel the charm of life.
ride quotes 19
Riding can kill your stress. It's a fantastic adventure.
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It's amazing fun to ride, without knowing what the destination is.
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No road seems long to ride, If you have a good companion.
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A rider not only knows how to ride but also knows how to take a fall and rise up and ride again.
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Riding in the rain with your partner as a pillion is a feeling of joy and happiness endless happiness.
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Riding is thrilling experience only the daring can get.
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Riding is the most relaxing thing you can do when the head is heavy with thoughts.
ride quotes 12
Riding alone in the rain is way better than sitting with girlfriend in the park.
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Riding is like soul to the rider and bike is the body, a rider can't live without either.
ride quotes 10
Riding your bike on a freeway at a high-speed is just a way of getting high for riders.
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Empty roads, full tanks, sunset and a pillion who is your partner what else in the world can be more beautiful.
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It's not the speed that thrills us it's the throttle the feeling of control that gives thrills to a rider..
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To ride is to meditate. It's a feeling only the riders would understand and like everything else it's not for everyone.
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If I ever die while riding, do not cry because I was happy. This was the closest I could have been to happiness.
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Long drive is the best ride to enjoy your day with your loved ones and to enjoy life have a safe ride and drive.
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One like to ride on different animals. I have tried on camel, horse, elephant it gives you too much happy felling and you love to ride on such animals.
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To ride on a vehicle different and the O ride on animals is a different experience. It is both exciting. Have faith in whatever you are doing.
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Have a ride on animals like elephant ride, camel ride, horse ride it is very nice to have a ride on such animals. You can ride on vehicles like bike, motor or ship you enjoy such.
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