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Selfie Quotes

"All my good pictures are only selfies." 

What is selfie?

Selfie is nothing but a picture taken by us. Actually holding your mobile phone in one hand and giving poses can be captured. Only selfies capture the best pictures of yours always.

Because you know which angle will be good for you. Another main reason only you know which pose and angle will suit well. Giving mobile phones and taking photos now became old fashioned. Nowadays everyone is popular with taking selfies.

Whatever the occasion may be the thing is that everyone used to take their mobile out and capturing the moments. We used to take photographs before 10 years. But now used to take selfies, where we can save others time and our time also.

"Actually girls need this selfie while boys love to take in professional cameras."

Fun in taking selfies

It is sometimes a little weird because when we take selfies we went crazy. We don't know what we are doing but still, we used to capture this is a funny moment of life. Taking a selfie is just a fun thing that you want to remember that day. Because we don't know what the next hour has for us. That's why girls are enjoying and taking selfies.

There is no crime in taking selfies, it is just for fun and not to forget that moment. We don't need to wait for someone who can click off a picture for us.

Instead, we can take selfies where it is easy and we can see what the reaction is. So we don't need to delete pictures when someone took a picture of us we don't satisfied with that but selfie can satisfy you.

Selfie with lovable people

Taking selfies lets you to stand close someone whom you love and whom you choose to be with you.

Somewhat we can say that selfies are helping us to take photographs with your loved ones. Selfie with our loved ones is always the best because we don't need to fear someone who might see you while you stand with your loved one.

Now you can take your mobile phone and you can take selfies and you can leave them. Before these peoples used to save letters in memory of them but now we can save those photographs with them.

Selfie Quotes

Feel good, be happy, enjoy each day with endless happiness and success let’s take selfie makes the moment perfect
Selfie Quotes 20
You should believe in your own selfie that’s when others too believe
Selfie Quotes 19
I don’t have dreams I have in goals in the state of success I love to take selfies
Selfie Quotes 18
A good selfie always remembers and everyone needs in their mobile to cherish
Selfie Quotes 17
Selfie brings more confidence and positivity it makes the moments awesome and lovable
Selfie Quotes 16
A perfect moment selfies makes more memories and makes the bond of friends and families stronger
Selfie Quotes 15
A perfect selfie is a first selfie but people not satisfied with that, they need more & more to settle high
Selfie Quotes 14
Self love and selfies love are best
Selfie Quotes 13
A confidential selfie are most beautiful than the selfies which have more beautiful faces in them
Selfie Quotes 12
Beauty starts when you realize that everyone is beautiful in their own way and create a selfie without filet
Selfie Quotes 11
Self love is selfish but a selfie is not.
selfie quotes 10
While contemplating about the love of my life, I took my selfie and the picture that came was yours.
selfie quotes 9
Whenever I open the selfie camera of my phone, I met the best person of my life.
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No matter how beautiful a selfie is, if you don't get likes then it feels like there is always something missing.
selfie quotes 7
Come closer and look into my eyes. I have not taken a selfie for a long time.
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Don't worry about the hundreds of stumbles that come your way, but your phone must capture good selfies.
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Relationships lasts by caring for each other, not just taking selfies together.
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The selfie of your soul is the reflection of your character.
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Real selfie is the introspection of your own mind.
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Taking selfie has become a compulsion these days as just looking happy has become more important than actually being happy.
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