Yoga Quotes

Yoga Quotes

“Yoga is 99% practice and 1% theory.” - Sri Krishna Pattabhi Jois

The literal meaning of the Sanskrit word Yoga is 'Yoke'. Yoga can therefore be defined as the uniting of individual spirit with the universal spirit of God. According to Maharishi Patanjali, Yoga is the suppression of modifications of the mind.

Benefits of yoga:

“Yoga is the artwork of awareness on the canvas of body, mind and soul.”

Yoga increases the flexibility of the body. It increases muscle strength and tones our body. It also improves respiration, vitality and energy.

Yoga helps in maintaining a balanced metabolism and hence aids weight reduction. Yoga improves the cardiac and circulatory health.

One could undoubtedly improve their athletic performance by doing yoga. 

Yoga makes life better:

“Don’t practice yoga to get better at yoga, practice yoga to get better at living.”

Yoga is a practice of certain positions which slowly stretches muscles and opens the energy channels of our body. The increased flexibility keeps muscles and joints lubricated and healthy. Yoga eases your pains and aches.

Yoga is a kind of meditation. Meditation means pursuing nothingness. And so when we get the power of controlling our body and soul, there we start to live a better life.

How to start doing yoga at home?

We do not need to go somewhere for practicing yoga. It can be done in our home itself. Just pick a place which is peaceful to mind and make it your place for yoga.

Yoga should not be done in plain floor, so make sure to put a yoga mat before start doing it.

Always be slow in practicing. That is, in day 1 you don’t need to perform any positions. Simply sit calm by closing your eyes. Day by day increase doing the practice.

Before starting yoga, you should set your mood. Nothing should scatter your peace of mind. And finally pick your pose. It’s up to your capability of doing. 

One of the best yoga which can be performed every morning during sunrise is Surya Namaskar. Practice it daily to get enormous health benefits. 

We have many quotes on yoga. Share it with your friends and family and encourage them to live a healthy life style.

Yoga Quotes

Out of the eight limbs of Yoga, the one called "Aasan
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Yoga is very difficult, which is nearly impossible in this 'Kaliyug'
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Listening to the voice of your inner soul is Yoga.
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Actual Yoga is the one which makes 'Yoga' of 'Brahm' and the detached soul
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Devotion with the mind and acting with the senses is called "Karmyoga"
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Yoga leads to 'Samadhi' and 'Samadhi' leads to a clear mindset.
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A Yoga without spirituality is like a body without a soul.
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Yoga is an opportunity to connect your soul to the God.
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What brings the body and soul together, that is "Yoga"
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Yoga is not only the upliftment of your body, but the upliftment of your spirituality.
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