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alone quotes

Are you the only one alone?

Your not the only one feeling alone in the whole world right now, there are millions of them feeling lonely. In today's world people crave attention and thus insecurities and stress surround us.

Well the real reason we feel isolated from the rest of our group is we do not have real friends to take care of us.

Do you feel alone always?

What makes a grown person want to feel lonely is the loss of friendship, love and the fear to start over.

If you feel lonely you tend to beat yourself, scold yourself, over in time lose self-confidence and start doubting your personality.

It is crucial for you to keep your personality in shape, by reading motivational or loneliness quotes.

Are you at the edge of breaking yourselves?

It is because you may consider relationship is the enemy of your life, and you try filling the void with something else; it could be either productive or make your life barren.

Most people hit gyms or start focusing on their work, on the other hand people get addicted to drugs and sort of things.

Loneliness is an enemy that makes you self-destructive, this encourages to remain in an isolated state.

What causes loneliness?

It is often triggered by the circumstances and the situation the victim has gone through.

Their painful and rigorous incidents, losing their loved ones and the environment around them

Alone Quotes

The best friend in this world is loneliness, It stayed with you when everyone left you.
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My experience says being alone is better Because people hurt you very much.
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Some journeys have to be done alone,There is no partner in every journey.
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You never feel alone if you have friends,They are the treasure of your life.
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You never feel alone if you have friends,They are the treasure of your life.
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I can't live in two characters that's why I am seen alone.
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Your memories are here to make me realise that I am not alone.
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Whenever you break down, stay alone because This world is expert in watching shows
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There is no hate for anyone, Just my heart wants to be alone.
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Today I realized myself so lonely,Like people went to bury me.
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The world is full of cheaters, It's a pleasure feeling to stay alone.
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Wisdom gained when we are alone should be distributed to all.
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We should learn to share our happiness and absorb the sorrow alone.
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We fear to be alone due to lack of knowledge.
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All animals including us are social, so we love to be in groups and not alone.
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All movements of life is started alone and are joined by many.
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Leaders starts alone and followers joins on and on.
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All the decision of our life has ultimately to be taken by me alone.
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We can find the actual me only when we are alone.
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We came alone and we will leave alone, although surrounded by many.
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Actually we are never alone, as God is always with us, whether we feel or not.
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People say that we laugh very much, They don't know how much we cry alone.
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Sometimes it is fine to be alone as well, There is no fear of losing anyone as well.
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Time does not stay the same for anyone, They also have to cry who make others cry.
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I couldn't learn the talent of sweet lie, Many of my relationships have been broken by bitter truth.
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If it has to live alone why cry, Who is not mine, why repent for him.
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Say to my sleep to be my friend, that time is gone for which I used to awake.
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