Sad And Unique Heart Wrenching Angry Quotes

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Angry quotes

“For every minute you remain angry, you give up sixty seconds of peace of mind” - Ralph Waldo Emerson.

What is angry?

Angry is a strong feeling towards someone who behaved badly or did something wrong to us. At times, we will get angry because of disappointments and when our expectation fails.

The angry will make a person to shout louder, cry endless and pushes the person into depression.

An angry person is rude?

“A person who has lots of anger inside, definitely loves people more than anyone else can. Because, if red colour indicates anger, it indicates love too”. 

When a person shouts hard and behaves rude to us, it does not mean that the person is bad. Try to see the reason for the angry and why they are behaviours are rude. 

Exactly, we have written many quotes on angry in a way telling that the person who shows anger is not bad all the time. 

Anger hurts

“Angry? Take a deep breath before you speak, because your mouth acts quicker than your brain”.

When our closed ones shows angry on us, it will hurt us to the core. We will have a feel of unsafe and get stressed badly. We forget to understand the love of that person on the spot. 

Vice versa, we should never hurt others because of our anger. 

Find quotes in our website on how anger hurts others.

Controlling anger

“If you are patient in one moment of anger, you will escape a hundred days of sorrow” - Chinese proverb. 

Obviously, being anger brings us nothing other than sorrow. So learn to control your anger. Never stand at the same place when you are angry.

Don’t spit even a single word to anyone, as the anger is temporary but it has the effect of spoiling a beautiful relationship in no time. 

Come on, cheers! Forgive others, control anger and live a beautiful pleasant life. 

Certainly, we have numerous quotes on controlling anger. See it below.

Anger is the most heart breaking feeling, which can hurt someone. Don't show anger on anyone


She we get angry the reason is we are not able to finish at our time and we get upset. If everything is under our control than we not going to get angry.


Some people are getting angry soon it is not good for health and one has to become cool and calm it is very difficult but at the same time it is not impossible.


Control your anger and live life without any stress it is very important to have such a nice personality you are having forget everything and enjoy life.


One should not get angry. It is harmful to you and gives pain. If you are doing anything with calmness than you feel better.


Angry can easily be effects the others life. So don't get angry.


There is huge difference between angry and hurt, don't mix them and make your own decisions.


Some people are having a nature of aggressive and that irritates everyone. It is very important for everyone to face such people with full capacity to avoid such irritate attitude toward life.


It is very important to control your anger. If you are angry start counting one to ten and you will be cool down by nine. Practice this and enjoy life with great pleasure.


Never get angry and always smile to everyone. It is very nice to have such a nice quality of a person. If you get angry it affects to you only.


Not to get angry anymore it damage our personality so be cool and calm and enjoy life with calmness. It is always better to stay cool and get good results of any matter.


Never get angry it spoil your personality and mood. Feel always good and guide others for the same. It is very good to forget such habit.


Not to have such a habit of getting angry soon. Learn how to control your anger and be helpful to others. It is too good for you to not to get angry soon.


It is not a good nature and your such nature creates problems in maintaing good relationship. It damage your personality.