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Angry is an expression of anger on which, the owner has little or no control.
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Angry is the stage at which we seldom hear but only speak or quarrel, making the situation worse.
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Angry is the stage at which one has no control of oneself and is unable to take proper decision.
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Angry is expressed in two form, one is outburst which harms others and the other is keeping quiet which harms self. In both case it harms.
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Angry people may be very strict by nature and can’t accept any deviation from word of mouth.
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Angry is an expression, which does not benefit anyone rather harm both.
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People generally avoid excited situations, and keeps quite, and the advantage of same is taken by angry peoples.
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Some people only understands the angry situation or hot talks, where it acts as a weapon.
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Angry face is generally utilized by mothers as a tool for feeding their youngsters.
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Angry people are generally rigid and if mobilized they can easily achieve success.
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Sometimes it is funny to observe people who gets angry, with your twisted words.
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Angry people may be of a very strict principle, and can’t withstand any wrong word or action.
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Angry people may have a basic nature of feeling sorry after the anger cools down.
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Angry people actually develop a habit of blaming someone, and gets angry whenever there is protest from the other side.
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Angry people needs isolation and time to cool down.
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Angry is a state where the person lose control over his or her senses.
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Angry people are not friendly in nature and they think themselves to be the best.
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Angry people are those who are actually suppressed from very childhood.
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Angry people always finds faults in others and is not ready to listen.
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The facial expression of the person when he is angry is quite different.
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Anger is a mental instability of the person which is shown in the form of angry being.
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Angry people never respond to situations they only react to situations.
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Angry is the frustration of self, bestowed on others, which ultimately harm the person.
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Angry teachers can seldom be friend to the pupils.
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Person with high blood pressure gets angrier very soon.
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Angry is the common expression observed when husband disagree with wife.
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You can see that the cause of anger leads to the end of a relationship and ultimate loneliness, that hurts more than anything.
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