Sad And Unique Heart Wrenching Avoiding Quotes

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Avoiding Quotes

"I don't utter a word instead of that I avoid you"

What is avoiding meaning?

Avoiding means maintaining some distance from one person. At times it is good to stay away from someone whom we love. Because when you get attached to a person if they left you, you will be broken. So to maintain some distance is necessary in every relationship.

Avoiding someone also gives you more stress. Because when you feel more painful the first thing that comes to your mind is to avoid everything. Avoiding something is not that you don't need it, but it is about you never own it. That's why loving someone always keeps you away.

"I am not showing my attitude to you, I'm just avoiding myself to get hurt".

How painful it is when someone avoids us?

Everyone can say, don't care about that because the person is avoiding you. But we can't take it that easy of being avoided. It's the worst feeling because we get avoided by them unexpectedly.

That's the reason for your sadness when you were avoided. Not everyone is important to your life but the person whom you love will make some changes like avoiding you.

Avoided by someone will create a heartbreak to your life. Because when we started to value the person, they started to avoid you. Avoided by someone will give you more pain than betrayal.

"When beauty plays a role I fail to satisfy you by my appearance, that's why you avoided me, my dear boyfriend".

We should never avoid a person whom we need

Don't avoid anyone by their appearance and what they are today. Because avoiding someone is too easy but the other person gets hurt more than you think. Don't avoid a person whom you love because if you avoid them for the other person.

One day you will be avoided by the person whom you love the most. Because whatever you do, surely you will get back of it. So don't avoid a person, instead, you can talk to them personally. By talking personally you can get to know the person better than before.

That's why you should not avoid a person, you don't know how the time changes. When you avoid that person without any reason when really you need that person.

Avoiding Quotes

In life, it is pointless to avoid people when you have to live as it is pointless to wear a raincoat in summer.
Avoiding Quotes 31
In the rainy season, it is pointless to avoid puddles to keep your shoes dry.
Avoiding Quotes 30
Avoiding sugars all your life will only tempt your craving, so learn to regulate, and you will live happily.
Avoiding Quotes 29
You cannot foretell your future and preclude your crimes or mistake, so all you can do is live responsible.
Avoiding Quotes 28
As hard as you try to obviate mistakes, you will falter somewhere sometimes, so relax and take a chill pill.
Avoiding Quotes 27
Building tall walls and debarring your heart to flutter will extract all happiness from your life in future.
Avoiding Quotes 26
Abetting in a crime or choosing to avoid it are the two sides of the same coin- as they reflect your inaction.
Avoiding Quotes 25
Abandoning your peers in the face of challenging obstacles exposes your cowardly persistence towards relationships
Avoiding Quotes 24
As you try to stave off the troublesome matters, you will find yourself overwhelmed by its chain reactions.
Avoiding Quotes 23
It is wise to avert all vices to forestall all your future troubles.
Avoiding Quotes 22
Avoiding is a temporary solution, with greater problem.
avoiding quotes 21
Avoiding is actually done when we are wrong.
avoiding quotes 20
Life is a challenge, which can’t be completed by avoiding.
avoiding quotes 19
Avoiding is the mentality of the escapist, who never win.
avoiding quotes 18
If we are avoiding the fall we are stopping our self from rise. As every rise after a fall gives the motivation to rise to the top.
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Avoiding may give us short term gain but long term pain.
avoiding quotes 16
Avoiding to study the lessons of a class keeps us in the same class, so do life.
avoiding quotes 15
Avoiding can’t be done to the lesson under God’s syllabus.
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Avoiding always shows negative result, we can get positive result when we face the challenge.
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Avoiding is generally done by weak mentality
avoiding quotes 12
Avoiding is not the solution because if we avoid a situation a new situation arises.
avoiding quotes 11
I'm not avoiding you, I'm just learning to live without you.
avoiding quotes 10
I haven't forgotten you and will never forget you. I am just avoiding you the way you do
avoiding quotes 9
Stop avoiding me or one day you'll search for me everywhere with your beautiful eyes
avoiding quotes 8
This stupid heart falls in love only with the one who avoids it
avoiding quotes 7
If love is not true then only one mistake is enough to avoid someone.
avoiding quotes 6
I fall in love with your every habit except the one of avoiding me. It kills me.
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