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Childhood had its own memory, It's pleasure to remember that.
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Even without sense we were true, How lovely days when we were children.
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Caring and sharing habits in children makes the world wonderful to live in.
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Caring teachers always wins the heart of the students and get the desired output.
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Caring mothers helps in the development of a child, both physically and mentally
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Caring nurses & doctors are capable of bringing miracles in medical science.
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Patients generally respond very fast to caring nurses & doctors.
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Caring and love goes hand-in-hand to generate unexpected results.
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Caring hearts are the best servers one can ever get.
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Caring is needed to win hearts, especially in the times of sickness
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We all love to be cared for and have a longing for someone caring us.
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Caring works as a catalyst to medication or treatment.
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Take care of your thought when you alone and take care of your word when you are with people.
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Attachment becomes care, care becomes love and after that love becomes jealousy.
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One day thorn become jealous of me when I fed water to flower.
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Caring is good if it is in limit but if exceeds it becomes bars for other.
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Rose has a thorn to protect any I have blessings of my mother to protect.
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Caring can only be done if you first start caring for yourself.
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Relationship is for caring for each other not for to use each other.
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There is a person who cares for all but there is no one who care for him.
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Relation is a gift where caring is a blessing.
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You are just a person in the word but for a family you are the world.
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Nature is a creator where human is a caretaker.
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Listen, take care of yourself, I have no one else like you.
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I want to send you a priceless treasure every morning, but there is nothing in my arms except prayers.
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Taking care of loved ones is also a form of love.
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Never mind whoever asks you more questions, they care about you the most.
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