Sad And Unique Heart Wrenching Crying Quotes

Expressing is most important for any kind of emotions - check out the best crying quotes here

Crying Quotes

“Crying does not mean a person is weak, but it means a person has a heart.”

Crying is the best way of reducing stress and heartache that happened because of some sad things.

What makes a person to cry?

“Tears come from the heart and not from the brain.”- Leonardo da Vinci

Tears roll out of eyes at many situations either it may be for something sad or for something happy. When words can’t express feelings, that time tears makes it to understand.

Crying is a kind of language which helps us in expressing different feelings. There are various reasons a person could cry for. When we miss someone we get tears that represents the feeling of missing.

Even a newborn baby cries seeking his mom’s attention. When we got successful in our biggest dream, the feeling of happiness also represented by tears only.

When we cry because of love breakups or fights with our loved ones, that tears represents the emotion of stress. But remember crying often for small issues will make our partner to feel irritated.

The worst kind of crying is for loss of someone. When we lose any of our loved persons, it makes us to shed more tears. Those tears represents the feeling of sadness and missing together.

Is crying weakness?

“People cry, not because they’re weak. It’s because they’ve been strong for too long.” - Johnny Depp

Crying helps a person to exfoliate all negative energies. After crying everyone feels fresh and energetic, it is because our body pushes away all stress and naturally rejuvenates for a new beginning. 

Crying is definitely not a weakness, it makes us strong over hard things that we face. When we are interested in self health, then we should choose crying on emotional things. 

Crying is also a choice to show others that we are not at all concerned about their opinions on us. Crying is not the comfort, tears, or sympathy of another person which alleviates the emotion. It is an act for self care. High percentages of people has a feeling of relief after crying.

When we hold back our tears, considering it as a weakness, it will cause stress which results in headaches, neck aches, shoulder tension, and backaches.

So don’t worry about what other people, talking or thinking about you, simply cry when you really want to.

How to console a crying person?-h3

“Strong people always have their life in order, even with tears in their eyes, they still manage to say “I am okay”, with a smile.”

When a person is crying because of deep pain, then don’t try to console him/ her. Give some space and let the person cry until they get relax by himself/ herself.

If you are the reason for the person to cry, then it’s your biggest responsibility to console the person. Tell him or her why you the situation is been like that and say sorry.

Never use words like, stop crying, irritating, disgusting, don’t act and other kind of rude words. It may hurt them more deep.

Crying Quotes

Crying does not make you a coward. Instead, it makes you brave enough to express your feelings.
Crying Quotes 56
People will never understand that you are hurt until they see your tears
Crying Quotes 55
Don't burden your heart with all the pain. Let some of it come out as tears.
Crying Quotes 54
Your tears are priceless. It is too much expensive to waste on someone who is not worth it.
Crying Quotes 53
Your heart is pure when you can laugh and cry at small things
Crying Quotes 52
You cry when you are vulnerable to emotions which shows that you have a heart.
Crying Quotes 51
People who cry are the ones who didn't learn yet to hide their emotions.
Crying Quotes 50
Emotions can't be justified just like tears. You cannot always pinpoint a particular reason why you are crying. It just happens and its normal
Crying Quotes 49
Don't hold back your tears. Let it flow. It will wash away a large amount of your pain.
Crying Quotes 48
Crying is not a weakness. It is a sign that you are human
Crying Quotes 47
Don't cry your tears are like pearls, Don't let them fall down on land.
Crying Quotes 46
Someone can wipe my tears that comes out of my eyes but can't wipe the pain which comes out with them.
Crying Quotes 45
Sometimes we cry without knowing the reason because When words are not remain then eyes express the pain
Crying Quotes 44
Don't cry for those who have no feelings for you, Who have feelings would not let you cry.
Crying Quotes 43
The style of his make me quiet was so beautiful that I want to cry again.
Crying Quotes 42
I wish you can understand my silence, Even today I don't know how to cry with my voice.
Crying Quotes 41
I wish that memories can flow with tears Then I would cry one day freely.
Crying Quotes 40
We should learn how to smile because Others are available to teach us crying.
Crying Quotes 39
The people who get tears on little things, They are not weak, just true hearted.
Crying Quotes 38
There is no weight in tears but yet We feel light ourselves after crying.
Crying Quotes 37
Now and again crying or giggling are the main choices left, And chuckling feels better at this moment
Crying Quotes 36
Embrace your despondency and your misery felt towards those That has passed and recollect them with adoration
Crying Quotes 35
Never cry since you have piles of the issue in your grasp to settle. Continuously grin because every issue will sometimes
Crying Quotes 34
Giggling and tears are the two reactions to disappointment and weariness. End of the day, chuckle, there is less tidying up to do a while later
Crying Quotes 33
The tears of the world are a steady quality. For everyone who starts to sob, elsewhere another stops
Crying Quotes 32
Realize that a decent, long meeting of sobbing can frequently cheer up, Regardless of whether your conditions have not transformed the slightest bit
Crying Quotes 31
Paradise realizes we want never be embarrassed about our tears, Downpour upon the blinding residue of earth, overlying our hard hearts
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