Sad And Unique Heart Wrenching Depression Quotes

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Depression Quotes

“No one wishes to have dark days, sleepless nights, grumpy mornings and this endless dark tunnel with no sign that it ever ends. Depression is not a choice.”

Depression is a feeling of severe despondency and dejection. No one ever wants to have depression in their life. But it happens when their expectations doesn’t get fulfill.

What gives someone depression?

“Depression is living in a body that fights to survive with a mind that tries to die.”

Depression comes to someone because of many reasons. For each negative thing that happens to us, gives a feeling of depression. It happens because of unhappy feeling love, marital relationships, jobs and even new moms feel depressed because of sudden life change. 

Apart from common reasons, it also happens because of some medical reasons too. It is genetic to have depression. It may seem funny but it’s true. If any of our family members has the, history of depression, then it affects us too.

When we faced any child abuse or seen something abusive, it also a common reason and also a cause for depression.

Usage of drug, alcohol consumption, being obese are also common reasons for depression.

How a person feels when in depression?

“When depression takes over and I can’t push through it, I have to close my door and shut the world out. It’s the only way I know how to survive.”

Depression may make a person to kill himself/herself when left untreated. It is a feeling of being lonely and the world will seem full of monsters.

People suffer depression will feel extreme tired, lack of sleep, improper eating and in simple term they won’t give self care or self importance any more. 

People with depression won’t mingle with anyone and they won’t even laugh or hangout with friends or relatives. All they do is simply sitting and thinking about their lost thing.

Helping someone to come out of depression :

There is nothing more poisonous than depression. So if any of our friends or relatives are under depression, it’s our duty to help them to get out of it.

We should prove them that they are best. We should never let them sit alone and think more. Try to create a circle and give them nothing but positive vibes and positive words.

Take the person to a yoga or meditation center and give them some peace of mind. It will make the person feel better.

Check our list of quotes on depression. Pick positive one from it and send it to the person with depression and let him/her  know he/she is not the one facing it.

Depression Quotes

Keep in mind that you matter. Your existence is important. Depression will pass off.
Depression Quotes 113
Hesitation to speak while you have a lot to say is when you fall into depression.
Depression Quotes 112
Depression is like looking for the colors into the dark.
Depression Quotes 111
You are not a coward to quit yet. You are strong and you can fight any situation.
Depression Quotes 110
Never quit. Keep continuing. That’s what life is.
Depression Quotes 109
Depression is just a phase that will pass. Meanwhile don’t lose hope.
Depression Quotes 108
Have faith in god because he made several ways for you. Depressions isn’t the end.
Depression Quotes 107
Everyone has a bright tomorrow. It’s not the end. Just give yourself time.
Depression Quotes 106
Never lose hope. That’s the only way to heal depression.
Depression Quotes 105
Someone who understands you and loves you can save you from depression.
Depression Quotes 104
People need someone who understands when they fall into depression.
Depression Quotes 103
When you are depressed, eyes speak more than your words.
Depression Quotes 102
Never hide your feelings. Don’t let it become depressing, express them. That what feelings are meant for.
Depression Quotes 101
Love and laugh, that’s the weakness of depression.
Depression Quotes 100
Don’t let depression eat you up. Finish it back instead.
Depression Quotes 99
Depression is something that comes anytime, but when is it’s time to go totally depends on you.
Depression Quotes 98
Never keep anything within yourself. Just confess to Jesus whatever is killing you from inside.
Depression Quotes 97
Loving someone truly takes away all the depressed part of you and fills you with sparkling love.
Depression Quotes 96
Snatch away the dark depression inside you and fill it up with positive bright sun rays.
Depression Quotes 95
Be with someone who makes you happy instead of the ones who take away your positivity.
Depression Quotes 94
Having people those inspire you around is a blessing from god to the ones fighting depression.
Depression Quotes 93
Don’t let your mind die. Let your heart give it some motivations.
Depression Quotes 92
Facing your depression isn’t being strong but fighting it is being strong.
Depression Quotes 91
Depression is a weakness, but taking it as an exam and coming out of it is where you need to show your strength.
Depression Quotes 90
Our mind gets depressed when things don’t go according to us so simply reducing expectations will help.
Depression Quotes 89
Ignoring negativity will automatically make you happy from within. No space for depression.
Depression Quotes 88
Having a positive circle around you reduces depression.
Depression Quotes 87