Sad And Unique Heart Wrenching Ego Quotes

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What is ego?

The ego is an identity of our own construction, an identity which is false. 

If we take all the beliefs of what we are – beliefs about our personality, talents, and abilities – we have the structure of our ego. 

These talents, abilities and aspects of our personality will be attributes of our skills, but the mental construct of our “self” is artificial. 

And while this description might make the ego seem like a static thing, it is not.

Rather, it is an active and dynamic part of our personalities, playing an immense role in creating emotional drama in our lives..

How ego spoils a relationship?

Some of the biggest challenges in relationships come from the fact that most people enter a relationship in order to get something: they’re trying to find someone who’s going to make them feel good.

In reality, the only way a relationship will last is if you see your relationship as a place that you go to give, and not a place that you go to take.”

Unresolved loss can result in the inability to establish new relationships, be fully present in our current relationship, end relationships or move on when the time's right.

When we have unresolved losses, our life scope becomes narrower. We think we can’t trust others to not hurt us. We are nervous about loving again.

This comes from not being able to trust ourselves to handle a possible loss.Welcome loss as an opportunity to heal that in you which needs to be healed.

All the unresolved loss, all the unrequited love, all of the abandonment…use this as a time to heal all of it so that you may open, one day, to full and lasting love.

Quotes on ego:

Ego love

Ego judges and punishes, love forgives and heal. It's better to say sorry and save the relationship instead of showing EGO and kill that relationship.

Short quotes

When any man is more stupidly vain and outrageously egotistic than his fellows, he will hide his hideousness in humanitarianism. 

If the egotist is weak, his egotism is worthless.

I have never seen a greater monster or miracle than myself.

Ego -  the biggest enemy

Ego is the enemy of what you want and what you have: Of mastering a craft.

“These were the people I had shaped my life around.

“The critical work that you want to do will require your deliberation and consideration.

How to avoid ego?

1. Practice forgiveness & letting go. “The weak can never forgive.

2. Practice honesty and being open.

3. Surrender your need for control. 

4. Enjoy silent moments with yourself. 

5. Practice gratitude.

EGO - skip the E and let it go....Have your life as a beautiful journey.

The higher ego in the life is some times not so good and it takes us towards the weaker and darker side of the life. The ego in the life is some times conflicting and than we will have tensions which we can not solve easily. The ego must be properly controlled or we may have bad conclusions in the life.


The higher ego in life is not so good. The higher ego will make us arrogant person and we may be lost in quarrels. It will be some times very difficult to come out fro higher ego and we may lose our track. The well-controlled ego is some times useful in over coming difficult situations and clearing the challenges the life. The strong ego makes our personality attractive.


Too much ego is not good for health and avoid doing such things which damage your personality and mold you wrong way.


Ego always stop your development in life. So without any ego just act and live life with lots of confidence in life. Ego you can make out on a person's face.


Due to your ego you may lose your relationship, job, status in society and what not so leave your ego and live life with interest.


Keep your ego aside and do whatever you want to do. It is very important to live life without ego. Never have such bad habits for winning any game either it is about sports or in real life someone is playing.


Leave ego and live life with great understanding. It is very nice to have one live without ego. Ego crush your personality and damage you internationally.


Keep your ego aside and enjoy life normally with whoever is with you. Ego hurts you and with whom you are connected.


Don't make anything with your friends are in the family while you are in ego situation it will break down you.


Forget everything and don't have any ego about in whatever field you are expert. It is like you know something and showing to others.


Never ever had ego in life it is very important for everyone to stay calm and enjoy life. Ego damages your personality.


One has to leave ego if he or she is having. Forget about everything and pay attention to own personality and identity. It is very important to maintain good personality.


Leave ego if you are having so please don't show any attitude and enjoy life with great pleasure. Ego damage your personality.


Leave ego from life and you will realised everything. Person who has a strong ego has to suffer a lot and never understand others felling.


Ego is the worst thing in this life ego changes life and never come back again.


To be a successful person in your life you should have a strong ego on yourself to reach there.


Ego is waste when you have no self respect


Ego loses your whole character to the different level of your life in the positive, and negative situation you face.


Ego will kill all your talent. Ego will hurt you as well as your surroundings.


Ego can be good or bad just depending on the situation


Sometimes somewhere ego is not ego that is self-respect


We don't want to be alone in our life and whenever someone comes to walk with you, you are busy holding the hands of ego.


Ego is the most destructive evil of humanity. He alone can destroy the world.


Sometime ego is not bad because that's what people should treat with too


Self righteous ego is a must to survive in the world of criticism.