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Emotional Quotes

Emotion is a mental state associated with the nervous system by various feelings, intentions, happiness and sadness, etc. Generally, moods depend upon emotion.

Emotions can be defined as a positive or negative experience that is associated with a particular pattern of physiological activity. It is a rule to daily lives. Decisions are based on happy, angry, sad, bored, or frustrated. 

We act activities and hobbies based on the emotions they incite. Emotions have three key elements they are the subjective response, physiological response, and the behavioural response. 

We have broad labels for emotions such as angry, sad, happy, your own experience of these emotions may be much more multi-dimensional, hence subjective.

Everyone doesn’t experience pure forms of each emotion. Mixed emotions over different events or situations in our lives are common. 

When faced with starting a new job, you might feel both excited and nervous.

Many physiological responses you experience during an emotion, such as sweaty palms or a racing heartbeat, are regulated by the sympathetic nervous system, a branch of the automatic nervous system.

Research says that a smile to indicate happiness or a fake to indicate sadness.

What is an emotion?-h3

The meaning of emotion is a strong feeling deriving from one's circumstances, mood, or relationships with others.

Most people emotions are very much similar even though they are dependent on each other, emotions and feelings are rather different things. 

It describes physiological states and is generated subconsciously.

By contrast, feelings are subjective experiences of emotions and are driven by conscious thoughts and reflections.

This means that we can have emotions without having feelings, however, we simply cannot have feelings without having emotions.

Unfortunately, there is no single brain region where all of our positive or negative emotions are processed.

However, several studies identified brain regions that are obviously involved in the processing of both positive and negative emotions.

What is the nature of emotion?

Emotions play three important roles in the lives of humans. First, emotions are needed for adaptation and survival.

Happiness and trust motivate a person to perform at his best, while fear and disgust make a person vigilant to danger.

Second, emotions influence a person on how he perceives the world. 

Thus, emotions have a regulatory function.

Third, emotions help people communicate their needs, wants and feelings to others.

Emotions are generally short-lived. Emotions are easier to express. Everybody wants to be happy and avoid pain.

Common emotions

When we are feeling something, we don't really stop to define that emotion or think about the exact emotion that we are experiencing.

We just feel and go through it; may it be sadness, anger or happiness.

In human lives emotions are different at people.

Some common emotions are Joy, fear, anger, disgust, trust, surprise, excitement, nostalgia, confusion, calmness, horror, romance, satisfaction, sympathy, triumph, etc. These are the common emotions seen in human beings.

The emotions in the life fluctuates depending upon the life style we follow and also with passing time. Some times we can be very emotional in the positive side such as we may be very excited and happier however some times we can be emotionally down due to certain failures in the life and that may bring us down. Higher emotions is a very good strength in the life.


The emotions in the life some times work as our weakness and some time they work as our strength. Its better that we maintain our weak emotions properly as it may lead us crisis in the life. The strong emotions on the other hand will be helpful in overcoming some critical situations in the life also we must have proper control over our emotions..


A emotional life is full of discrepancies and emotional set backs are very dangerous in the life. The emotional life must be very strong and without any false perceptions. The emotions keeps on fluctuating and we may deviate from the normal track of life due to the emotional reasons. The people lost in deep emotions can not be bring back easily so we must have proper control over emotions.


Never beg some one for love and care, in your's being based on your emotional values. .


Don't play with others emotions, it will hurt more and they don't even hurt you back also....


Life is full of fake people, you must be more careful, which one is correct and good friends.


Emotionally one should remain strong and never become weak in front of children or elders. It's a very good that you express your felling but you should not drain after that.


In this world there is no value for your emotions, be brave and be strong to face this world.


My feeling for you is real. I am more emotional to you. Don't hurt my feelings .


Life turns at any time and it is very difficult to remain cool and calm at that moment. When you need someone's help no one is with you and that is our hard luck.


Sometimes I am getting too much emotional and not finding way to settle down fast. It takes too much time to get settle down. It is my nature and I am finding very difficult some time to manage all this.


Don't get too much emotions to some one, it will give you pain


I am a very emotionally attached the person with everyone and I am getting disturbed with people when I am not finding my way. It is but natural that one gets upset when not finding out any solution.


People are getting too much emotional to someone who don't even deserve your words.


If emotionally you are drained than you won't be able to concentrate on what you are doing. It is very nice to go for anything by own ok feelings.


Emotional people get emotional soon and getting disturbed soon. Never feel bad about someone's comments and misbehavior. It only hurts you.


When you are emotional toy take decisions emotionally and it creates problems in your life. So keep your emotions aside and act.


Don't get emotional and enjoy life with whatever you are having. Stay fit and healthy and enjoy life with great pleasure.


I was waiting for your call to know about how is your health. And I heard that you are not good enough so I am worried.


Every one is emotionally attached with other one it is very important to have good emotional bonding between two person.


Relationship is not being genuine in front of us. It's being genuine behind us.